Mavs Gaming, Hornets Venom GT Agree to Zae & Sick One Swap for Sherm & PeteBeBallin - NBA 2K League

Mavs Gaming, Hornets Venom GT Agree to Zae & Sick One Swap for Sherm & PeteBeBallin

The trades are coming fast and furious in the Season 4 trade window.

Mavs Gaming has agreed to trade Sherm, PeteBeBallin, and their 2021 1st round pick to Hornets Venom GT for Zae, Sick One and their 2021 2nd round pick they received from Cavs Legion GC last season.

What This Means For Mavs Gaming:

Let’s start at the top and work our way down. First things first, this means Dimez is going back to PG and will likely stay there the rest of his time in Dallas. Trading Sherm all but confirms that and puts even more pressure on the org to find a pair for him in the backcourt. In terms of the assets they got in this trade, they made off with a great deal. Trading PeteBeBallin isn’t easy, but replacing him with Sick One is about as good as it’s going to get. As we mentioned in the Type trade article, there aren’t many big men in the world as good as Sick. He was All-2KL 1st team for a reason and he stands to be a massive piece for them going forward on both sides of the ball. Offensively, he’ll be Dimez’ partner in the pick-and-roll and will help tremendously with their ball movement. He’ll also be their defensive anchor and pairing him with Zae at the 4 is an almost unfair amount of talent in the frontcourt. Speaking of Zae…he might just be the best PF in the league and his offensive prowess will help Dimez a ton as a secondary option. His corner defense is very good as well, you couldn’t ask for a better 4 to pair with Dimez. Cool note as well that Zae made the league through the Texas Ticket that Mavs Gaming hosted last season. All in all, this is a great move for a Mavs Gaming team that needed an offensive boost without hurting them on the defensive side of the ball. Achievement unlocked.

What This Means For Hornets Venom GT: 

A bit of an opposite situation for Hornets Venom as they now have 3 guys on the roster who all have experience playing PG. We’d expect Sherm to take the role 1st due to this trade, but it’ll be interesting to see which 2 guards they choose to start between Sherm, Snubby, and Expose. Acquiring PeteBeBallin to take over for Sick (or really, Type) is a fine replacement, Pete has been one of the best and most consistent Centers in the league through 2 seasons and should be a good defensive anchor for this team to build around. Moving Zae is the really hard point with him being one of the most unique players in the league. It puts a fair amount of pressure on the team to replace his impact, but with 2 1st round picks in tow, they will have their chance. Huge roster turnover for Hornets Venom GT heading into Season 4.