Big-Man Swap: Raptors Uprising and Hornets Venom GT Swap Sick One for Type - NBA 2K League

Big-Man Swap: Raptors Uprising and Hornets Venom GT Swap Sick One for Type

Blockbuster trades on top of blockbuster trades, what a week it has been for the NBA 2K League.

In a stunning move, Raptors Uprising GC has traded All-2K League 1st Team Center Sick One to Hornets Venom GT for Type.

What This Means for Raptors Uprising GC:

Whenever you trade someone of Sick One’s caliber, it’s a huge risk, especially coming off a 16-0 regular season. However, moving him for a player the caliber of Type is about as good as you’re going to get. Both are elite big men, but there are few players in the entire league who have the two-way abilities that Type has. This past season with Hornets Venom GT we saw him play the role of a Point Center, averaging the most APG on the team at 6.1. He fits perfectly into the offensive system that Raptors Uprising deployed this season that saw Sick One also average 6 APG. Talent-wise, it’s a pretty even split. You can’t go wrong with either guy, but Raptors Uprising GC is hunting for a title, and acquiring Type with the potential of giving him a multi-year home is a huge move. It’s never easy trading someone like Sick one, especially coming off the season he had, but Type is worth the chance.

What This Means for Hornets Venom GT:

The marriage between Type and Hornets Venom GT was an extremely fast rollercoaster ride. The highs were high, including a 5-2 start to the season and a playoff win. The lows were low, a mid-season suspension that saw him miss 4 weeks of play that dropped the team to 7-4. Now, the marriage is over and Sick One is coming into town. For a 1-1 trade, it’s about as even as you’re going to find in the league. Sick is an elite center on both ends of the floor and is coming off the best passing season for any big man ever with an insane 6.84 APG. He’s a great player for Hornets Venom to build around and should be the frontcourt anchor they were hoping Type would be for years to come. Sick and Type are both great players and 2 of the best Centers in the world. Talent won’t be the ultimate decider of the trade, fit will reign supreme.