NBA 2K League Playoffs Presented by Google Pixel - Matchup Predictions - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League Playoffs Presented by Google Pixel – Matchup Predictions

Celtics Crossover Gaming vs NetsGC


Following a great run in THE TURN tournament powered by AT&T before ultimately losing in the finals to Warriors Gaming Squad, Celtics Crossover Gaming now prepares for battle with NetsGC to kick off the 5v5 playoffs. To win the series, Leche needs to be productive from the field throughout to ensure a daunting assignment for Streetz defensively. Moreover, he has got to dice up the defense and limit his mistakes offensively to not allow the Nets to convert those mistakes into transition points. Lastly, Tayzo must rise to the occasion and thwart Greens defensively to be sure that he struggles to find his rhythm offensively. If Leche scores in bunches and CCG answers the call on the defensive side of the ball, they capture the series and send the Nets home.


After a quality run in THE TICKET before falling short in the finals versus Lakers Gaming, NetsGC takes the stage to start their 5v5 playoff run versus Celtics Crossover Gaming. To emerge victorious, Greens has to be effective from the field over the course of the series to put Tayzo on skates defensively. Beyond that, he is obligated to constructively facilitate and rescind any blunders offensively to hinder Boston from capitalizing off of those errors by converting them into points on the other end. In conclusion, Streetz has an obligation to hit the mark on defense and silence Leche offensively to make sure that he cannot find his stroke . If Brooklyn checks these boxes, they take the series and send the Celtics off into the sunset.


Prediction:  NetsGC defeats Celtics Crossover Gaming 


Pistons GT vs Lakers Gaming


The regular season has come to an end for Pistons GT. As a result, they shift their focus to their next challenger in Lakers Gaming. To come out on top, Ant needs to be dynamic from the field across the series to warrant a harrowing challenge on the defensive end of the floor for Trellyb. Addedly, he has no choice but to do away with any wrongdoings offensively to give Detroit their best opportunity to take the series home. To wrap up,whatsstick has to come through with flying colors and smother Dvnxsty to prevent him from finding his niche offensively. If Detroit executes their game plan, they secure the winning feat.


The Cinderella story reigned supreme for Lakers Gaming during THE TICKET as they took down NetsGC to obtain the title. Now, their greatest challenge awaits them as they aim for the upset versus Pistons GT.  In order to move on and continue writing their story, Dvnxsty has to be methodical from the field during the series to be assured that whatsstick cannot slow him down on the defensive side of the ball. To add to this, he has to extract any and all shortcomings offensively to have their best opportunity to end up on the favorable side of the scoreboard at series end. In the end, Trellyb needs to stand his ground defensively and restrain Ant from finding any sort of offensive flow. If they put together a clean game on both sides of the ball,  they walk away with the series victory.


Prediction: Pistons GT defeats Lakers Gaming


Cavs Legion GC vs Wizards District Gaming


By virtue of bowing out of THE TURN bracket play at the hands of Celtics Crossover Gaming, Cavs Legion GC seeks to bounce back in a big way and dismantle WDG. For this to happen, Antoine is compelled to be effectual from the field in all aspects of the series to affirm a discouraging responsibility for JustAwkward defensively. In addition to what has been said, he has to negate his faults offensively in order for the Cavs to overcome the opposition. In closing, TBShiftay ought to deliver defensively and squelch Benzo to impede him from finding his pace on  offense. If Cleveland executes on both sides of the ball, they move forward and send Washington packing on their own turf.


On account of a good 5v5 season, Wizards District Gaming expects to come in and handle business versus Cavs Legion. For this to unfold, Benzo has to be efficacious from the field in all aspects of the series to vow an agonizing mission for TBShiftay defensively. Not to mention, he has to diminish any offensive missteps if the Wizards want to avoid the trap game. To draw things to a close, JustAwkward has no choice but to leave his mark defensively and restrain Antoine from finding his tempo offensively. Can the Wizards forge ahead and live to fight another day? 


Prediction: Wizards District Gaming defeats Cavs Legion GC