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NBA 2K League Monday Notebook: Playoff Picture Comes Into Focus Week 9 Edition

Article was originally published before Week 8 and has been updated for Week 9.

With THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T in the rear-view window, it’s time we start talking about everyone’s favorite topic — the NBA 2K League Playoffs. We’re going to take the Notebook in a little different direction this time around and examine the current postseason picture to discuss what each team’s chances are of making the Playoffs, including those that might need to start focusing on THE TICKET Powered by AT&T as their main chance to qualify. This’ll also give us a chance to look back over our team previews for each team and see if we were on track.

1. x-Raptors Uprising GC
12-0, 18.75 pt. differential

“Kenny has MVP-caliber upside. If he hits that stride, then being a title contender is definitely in the cards. Another fascinating season is on the horizon in The Big North.”

Last Week: No one could’ve predicted that this team would be on track to be one of, if not THE, best team in league history, but a small personal pat on the back for the Kenny-MVP call-out. With 10 wins, this team is really close to clinching a Playoff spot, it’s basically a certainty they will make it. Upcoming games against Heat Check Gaming and Gen.G could put them at 12-0, setting a record for the best start in 2KL history. Seems like for the first time in 2KL history, a team that isn’t Blazer5 Gaming will have the 1-seed heading into the postseason.

This Week: Well, they got both wins and are now the first team to clinch a spot in the Playoffs, the fastest team in NBA 2K League history to do so. This is the best team in the league by a decent margin right now, especially considering that Jazz Gaming are 9-1 and the Raptors still have double their point differential. This team is just different right now.

2. Utah Jazz Gaming
9-1, 9.27 pt. differential

“We could see a potential run to the title out of this team…Backcourt scoring, wing defense, down low dominance from Ria, all should define a really fun and innovative Jazz Gaming team. If Splashy gets hot to start the year and stays that way, the sky is the limit.”

Last Week: Maybe the most versatile defensive team in the entire league, this Jazz Gaming team is so much fun to watch. They rotate and switch like crazy and force a monster amount of turnovers, coming in at fourth in the league in 8.9 steals per game. Splashy took a couple of games to get acclimated in the league, but now sitting at a solid 24 PPG, 6.4 APG and a 51.9/47.6 shooting split, he’s right back where he needs to be. This is a team officially in title contention.

This Week: Beating Wizards District Gaming is a statement win. This cements Jazz Gaming as the second best team in the league heading into the second half of the regular season. Splashy has been on fire recently as well and if he keeps it up, he might just steal the Rookie of the Year award out from under ShiftyKaii, seemingly one of the early favorites. We won’t get to see Raptors vs. Jazz this season until maybe THE TURN Powered by AT&T, so for now, we just get to appreciate these teams as separate competitors.

3. Wizards District Gaming
8-2, 10.09 pt. differential

“If things break their way this team has to be in consideration as a possible title contender. We still need to see how this team gels and what the rookies do on the big stage over the course of the first few weeks of the season. If they get off to a hot start, this team could be tough to beat all year long.”

Last Week: Nail, meet head! Wizards District Gaming have lived up to the potential that many saw for them coming into this season. A powerful, two-way group with high IQ players and one of the best starting 5s the league has to offer. What’s even scarier about this team,we might not have seen their best basketball yet. We’ve seen a few other teams show us their best hand, but this team has an extra gear that they are still growing into. By the time the Playoffs come around, this team could be a force if they find another gear. Even if they don’t, they are still very well deserving of one of the top 3 seeds in the league.

This Week: An unfortunate loss to Jazz Gaming slots Wizards DG into the third spot in the playoff picture. They remain a very good team and a title contender, but there are some definite concerns, mostly being their lack of a win against a truly elite team. They’ve lost their regular season match-ups against both Raptors Uprising GC and Jazz Gaming and while a win vs. Mavs Gaming is nice to have on the docket, the question remains. The good news? Wizards DG is on a path to get their highest playoff seed in team history and get Dayfri into the playoffs for the first time.

4. Warriors Gaming Squad
8-3, 8.58 pt. differential

“This Warriors team goes into Season 3 as one of the few with a legitimate title shot on paper. If they can keep focused, they should make the playoffs. But, if they play with their food too much like they did last year, they might not like the outcome.”

Last Week: This Warriors team is extremely good, maybe as good as the best team in the league at their best. A mid-season three-game losing streak however and an inability to get out of a winnable group in THE TIPOFF leaves some question marks for this team. CB13 took accountability for their last two losses vs. Mavs Gaming and Magic Gaming, but those are two winnable games for this team. Expectations for the Warriors were for a title this season and that is still on the table, but it’s time to cut into this steak instead of pushing it around the plate.

This Week: Hey now! Two series sweeps against Hawks Talon GC and Hornets Venom GT put this Warriors Gaming Squad team right back on track. Moving Gradient to the 2-way finisher build and having him be a more prevalent option on offense is a fantastic mid-season adjustment and might just be what carries them deep into the Playoffs. Matty at PF is an interesting change too, but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s permanent. Keep an eye out for this team during THE TURN, as they’ll be trying to defend their title and make a definitive statement on Season 3.

5. Kings Guard Gaming
7-3, 9.13 pt. differential

“In an extremely competitive and balanced league, it’ll be the little things that make the biggest difference. Everything is set up for this team to be one of the best we have in Season 2, but games are won on the court, not on paper.”

Last Week: The only team to mark Jazz Gaming’s season, Kings Guard Gaming has played up to their talent and more this season. One of the league’s premier defensive squads, they are one of only three teams to hold teams to under 60 PPG with Cavs Legions GC and Wizards District Gaming. Crush, Yusuf and Dat Boy Shotz have been excellent, their defensive communication and prowess has been apparent since Game 1. Their offense has been sufficient as well and the growth of Bash and Seemo in the backcourt has been thrilling to watch. That duo pushed Kings Guard Gaming to the finals of THE TIPOFF where they ran into the buzzsaw that is Raptors Uprising GC and lost 2-0. Sky’s the limit for this Kings Guard Gaming team, but they might just run into Raptors Uprising GC…again.

This Week: No big changes for KGG coming off a bye week. They face off against Pistons GT and a huge match-up against BP and Hawks Talon GC to finish off Week 9. We are really starting to see the teams organize into tiers and rankings, a 2-0 week would put this team undoubtedly in that top tier.

6. Mavs Gaming

8-4, -2.18 pt differential

“This is a talented team regardless of any “ceiling” talks. A few style changes could lift this team to the upper-tier of competition, but a good season should be expected for Dallas at a minimum.”

Last Week: And a good season they are having! This Mavs Gaming team was going to be good this season, that was never really up for debate. The question has always been if they had elite level upside. So far, it seems they are just slightly out of that tier. A -0.8 pt. differential shows a team that has won a ton of gritty games this season, but hasn’t been dominating on offense. At the end of the day, 8-3 is 8-3 and being the 4-seed is nice, but more tournament issues plagued this team as they didn’t make it out of their group during THE TIPOFF. Playoffs are beginning to loom, so if this team has that extra gear, we’re going to have to see it in the next few weeks.

This Week: A sweep from Blazer5 Gaming brings up plenty of questions about this team. Can they get it done vs. the best of the best? Are they a true title contender? At this point, it’s fair to wonder, and with the trade window still closed, they may not be able to make a big mid-season trade to spark them to the top of the league. A huge game against Grizz Gaming is on the table for them in Week 9, a game that could vault Grizz Gaming into the official Playoff picture and bring up even more questions for the only team in the top 7 with a negative point differential.

7. Hornets Venom GT
7-4, 1.96 pt. differential

“The defensive potential of this team is so high…does this team have true title contender possibilities? For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the young ones figure it out.”

Last Week: The biggest revelation here is Type not being in the starting lineup. With him, they really seemed to be onto something special. However, team chemistry matters so much in this league that if they felt it necessary, then all this team can do at this point is adjust. They played well this week without him, going 1-1, losing to Jazz Gaming and beating Pacers Gaming. It’s still a good defensive team as Zae fills in nicely at Center and Gliz can shoot very well at the PF position. Title upside might not matter for this team right now. Keep growing the young guns and see how far you go. Play spoiler, pull off an upset, and who knows! It’s a well-coached team that plays defense, and that’s all that matters right now.

This Week: Type remaining on the bench meant we didn’t get to see him take on Warriors Gaming Squad, his previous club, in a series they went on to get swept in two games. This team has definitely earned their place in the Playoffs, but they may be exposing their ceiling on the way. For a 7-4 team, they have only one win vs. a team with a >.500 record (Mavs Gaming) and their four losses came against Raptors Uprising GC, Jazz Gaming, Wizards District Gaming and Warriors Gaming Squad. It’s a good team that just hasn’t been able to stay with the front runners yet this season. They take on T-Wolves Gaming this week, so it’s a chance to at least continue the trek towards clinching a Playoff spot.

8. Nets Gaming Crew
5-4, -1.29 pt. differential

“They may carry Choc to a couple of wins, but if this team wants to reach 9, 10, 11 wins, then it’s going to come through Choc…it’s also one of the few teams that is built for a single player to carry them…Until then, they have Choc and every other team doesn’t.”

Last Week: *Looks at record* *looks at Choc’s 31.3 PPG, 8.5 APG, 63.2/52.0 shooting line* Yep, that’s about right! Choc is everything NetsGC could’ve hoped for and more on the court. One of the best point guards in the entire league, he’s been a menace since his first game and has surprisingly turned into one of the best shooters in the entire league with a 71.9 TS%. The team, however, appears to have some holes. The defense hasn’t been all that great and another suspension to Randomz complicates things even more. This is a good team, however, and Playoff spot is a realistic goal.

This Week: A 1-1 record was capped off by NetsGC winning an excellent series against T-Wolves Gaming  which kept them above water after they lost to Cavs Legion GC to start the week. NetsGC is in a good position to make the Playoffs and wins over Pacers Gaming and Bucks Gaming could cement that further. We’ll see if they can get over the hump with their remaining seven games.

9. Bucks Gaming
5-4, -2.17 pt. differential

Their goal should be to reach the playoffs for the first time in team history…The Bucks have the talent to get to the title, but getting a top 4 seed should be the priority. Reach for the stars, so if you fall, you land on the clouds.

Last Week: Kanye made a good point. This team is right on the cusp of the Playoffs, but just can’t seem to get over the hump. That hump can be defined as defense and they’ve tried multiple different lineups to figure it out. They allow the third-most points in the league, and a defensive rating of 120.4 is not what you want. On the other side of the coin, Regg is fantastic and is making a case for ROY. He’s currently fifth in the league in PPG, fourth in APG, and fifth in VORP among PGs at 18.5. After being selected in the first round, he’s been everything they’ve hoped for. This team is right there and if they improve on defense, they could easily snag a playoff spot.

This Week: Regg and co. took out CLTX Gaming to bring the roller-coaster over .500. Similar to NetsGC, this is a huge week for this team. At 5-4, losing both games this week would be big setback. Grabbing at least one series this week will be tough since they get the previously mentioned Nets and a huge match-up against Jazz Gaming. Difficulty aside, going 1-1 is almost a must for this team. Beating a current Playoff team and keeping pace with the rest of the league would be just what the doctor ordered.

10. T-Wolves Gaming
6-5, 4.24 pt. differential

“If they lose, it will not be for lack of talent, it may just be because the odds are stacked against them. This team is locked and loaded for another title run and once again playing with something to prove.”

Last Week: Not sure if anybody would’ve expected that reigning Finals MVP BearDaBeast would be off of PG by Week 7, especially with a 5-3 record, yet here we are. It’s unclear if this is a permanent change or if this is just an experiment, but they went 1-1 this week after the change and JMoney played pretty well as the new man at the 1. FEAST has emerged as one of the league’s best big men and has been dominating people down low all season long. He’s carried the team to a couple wins this season, one of the few Centers with the power to do so. Even with some struggles, their record and stats are right on track where you’d expect them to be. A small mid-season slip will likely be just that, a slip.

This Week: A tough loss to NetsGC puts the Season 2 champs on the outside looking in to the current playoff picture and a 6-5 record just doesn’t feel right. The point differential is there, the defense is there, but they just haven’t been able to get everything going in full during a series is a couple weeks. It’s still a very talented team who is still likely to make the Playoffs. They just have to make sure they get control of their own destiny before it ends up in someone else’s hands.

11. Blazer5 Gaming
5-5, -.37 pt. differential

“This team is stacked on paper, but the pressure is on this season…This team, more than maybe any other team in the league, needs to prove it on the court.”

Last Week: There are plenty of reasons why this team isn’t living up to their own very high expectations. The main one though is pretty simple: Their defense has taken a step back. A year after forcing a league-high 213 turnovers and putting up a very impressive 109.5 defensive rating, they’ve fallen to a league-average 8 steals a game and a defensive rating of 118.6. For a team that prided itself on defense in Season 1 and 2, they’ve regressed in that area in Season 3. They are not generating as many opportunities in transition, which means Mama is forced to slow down and do most of his work in the half-court. He’s still dominating, as is OneWildWalnut, but their ceiling will remain lower than expected if they can’t figure things out on the defensive end. Lucky for them, they still have seven games to turn their record around or THE TICKET will be their last chance for a Playoff spot.

This Week: About as good of a week as you could ask for for Blazer5 Gaming. A big win over a top-seeded team to end the losing streak and bring a little positivity back into the building. Mama dropped a 30/20 game and Walnut looked dominant down low against PeteBeBallin, so maybe this is the game that gets them back on track. A massive game — maybe the biggest game of the year for both — comes this week against fellow 5-5 squad Grizz Gaming, who are also clawing their way into the playoff picture. Both teams need the win and it could very well decide a Playoff spot in a few weeks. B5 wanted their chance to get back in the picture? This is it.

12. Grizz Gaming
5-5, -2.62 pt. differential

“Is this team a true title contender? We can’t make that call until we see them play together. Are they really good on paper and match up well with most teams? Unequivocally. Their ceiling is high, but it’s up to them to hit it.”

Last Week: It took this team a while to really get going and their 5-5 record is evidence of that. They’ve been playing better as of late, including winning their group in THE TIPOFF and taking down Warriors Gaming Squad. A near sweep of Gen.G would’ve put them at 6-4 and in a prime playoff spot, but a blown second-half lead in Game 2 saw them lose the whole series in Game 3. It’s a really talented team, one that we haven’t seen the best of yet.

This Week: A bye last week has them staring down two season-altering games against Mavs Gaming and Blazer5 Gaming. Falling to 5-7 at this point in the year is a massive setback for a team that has dragged themselves back into the scene. On the other hand, a 7-5 record puts them square in the hunt for a low Playoff seed. We’ve been waiting all season to finally found out how good this Grizz Gaming team truly is, and this is the week we find out.

13. Cavs Legion GC
4-5, -.95 pt. differential

“Trying to predict how the Cavs Legion GC season is going to go is almost impossible…This team has fantastic chemistry and really seems to be rallying around each other…how far it takes them remains to be seen.”

Last Week: Solid. That’s what this team is. One of the only three teams to hold teams to under 60 PPG, they are also one of only two teams to score under 60 PPG. A good group of guys who know how to play 2K well, they just lack that one offensive superstar to put them over the edge. Doza was pulled off PG early in the season and Strainer has been excellent in the role so far, putting up 26 PPG, 4.5 APG on 58.6/47.5 shooting. AllHailTrey and Larry have been doing their usual dirty work defensively around the rim and continue to limit easy buckets. In fact, Larry is actually still leading the league in blocks at 3.44 a game. All in all, this is a good team who showed they have the potential to make tournament runs. Whether they have a chance to show it off in the Playoffs remains to be seen.

This Week: They still aren’t out of it yet and it could all come down to this week. CLTX Gaming and Jazz Gaming are on the docket and dropping both would be a substantial setback. This Cavs Legion team has been gritty all season long, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but if there is an extra gear hidden in this team somewhere, we are going to have to see it now. They are one of the luckier teams since they have only played nine games so far this season, an advantage that is going to start mattering less and less if they can’t get over the .500 bubble.

14. Hawks Talon GC
3-5, -1.78 pt. differential

If they end up winning a ton of games early and making a run, all of a sudden you have a core to build around for the long term and a deeper understanding of what a BP-led team needs to do to win.”

Last Week: We’ve definitely learned a lot about BP as a 2K League pro this season. His leadership and connection with the team has been a bright spot. His willingness to really share the ball with Kel has been great to watch as well and the team has succeeded because of it. We haven’t seen a ton of this team in the regular season due to some tech issues, so the jury is still out on their ceiling, but so far, so good for a team that not many expected a lot of. This team fights and the rookies are improving. Can’t ask for much more than that.

This Week: Going 0-2 against two tough opponents in Warriors Gaming Squad and Jazz Gaming last week is exactly what they didn’t want happening. Their season is far from over, but matchups against Magic Gaming and Kings Guard Gaming this week might be must wins.

15. Knicks Gaming
6-6, .52 pt. differential

“They have a great coach and some nice vets to boot. However, a ton of questions still remain…after a wild offseason and a fun draft, there is one thing we do know: This group is going to be seriously fun to watch.”

Last Week: There have been a lot of positives for this young Knicks Gaming team. The growth of Duck and Malik in the backcourt being the apex of that. That tandem has been one of the best in the entire league and it’s been getting better every single week. This team has a bunch of really good individual players, but they haven’t necessarily found the right combinations, especially on the defensive side. More team defense would force more turnovers and get this team into transition more where Duck and Malik do their best work. This will be a fun team to track headed into the second half as they continue to improve playing together. A 5-6 record after 11 games is about what you would expect, but a Playoff spot or a run in THE TICKET is still very much in the picture for this squad.

This Week: A nice win over Lakers Gaming puts this team back at .500 for the final run towards the Playoffs. The 15-seed is a bit deceiving since they’ve played the most games of any team this season, but a game against 76ersGC leads right into a bye week for the young Knicks Gaming squad. A 7-6 record would leave them in prime position for a late run and if they can get hot, a 10-6 or 9-7 record is not out of the question. Six losses is tough, but this franchise has some history in THE TICKET, and maybe they are destined for another crazy run there.

16. Pacers Gaming
4-6, -.96 pt. differential

“This team’s ceiling is hard to decipher. There aren’t many defense-first teams in the league this season…They have a very smart roster though full of good guys who have something to prove this season.”

Last Week: Pacers Gaming have scored 1,435 points so far this season. They have allowed 1,457. That’s about as good of a summary as you could possibly give. They’ve been about league-average on both sides of the ball, but have kept almost every series they’ve played in relatively close. With Head Coach Cody Parrent seemingly looking for a mid-season spark towards a playoff spot, Pacers Gaming moved BOHIO to the bench.

This Week: No games last week for Pacers Gaming, but NetsGC and CLTX Gaming await them this week. A 4-6 record means it’s not over yet, but it will take a big win streak to stay in the hunt. We’ll see if the team found an adjustment to spark them. For now, this team may still be looking at THE TICKET as their best chance for the playoffs.

17. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai
5-7, -2.27 pt. differential

“We do know that this team is going to be a TON of fun…Will this team win a ton of games? No clue. Will this team be entertaining all season? Oh yes.”

Last Week: This is a young team’s doing what young teams usually do. They’re fun, but struggle with bouts of inconsistency. After making an impressive run in THE TIPOFF and getting all the way to the Semifinals, they looked a bit flat this week and barely pulled out a 1-1 record. It’s a talented team — ShiftyKaii might just be one of the best players in the league — let alone the best rookie Season 3 has to offer. Yet, they just can’t seem to beat a top team. They are a true “best of the rest” squad and their potent offense always keeps them as a threat. This could be an easy favorite to win THE TICKET at the end of the season, but it really depends on who else is in the running. Until then, we can just enjoy ShiftyKaii and his incredible playmaking.

This Week: An 0-2 record is not what this team needed. They put up a good fight against Raptors Uprising GC, but losing to Heat Check Gaming really deflated their chances at making the Playoffs through the regular season. A 5-7 record is a tough hole to climb out of as 9-7 is the best record they can manage, but this team still can’t be discounted due to their previous tournament success this season. ShiftyKaii is going to have to hit a different level to get them there.

18. Magic Gaming
4-7, -9.92 pt. differential

“All in all, this Magic Gaming team is set up for a monster year…Few teams have the level of all-around talent that they bring to the table. But if there is one thing we know about sports and esports, we know that things never quite go according to plan.”

Last Week: Things have not gone according to plan for Magic Gaming. Averaging only 55.5 PPG on the offensive end is not what many would’ve expected from a team coming into the season with Reizey, Profusion, DT, and May on the offensive side of the ball. On the plus side, their defense has been really solid and ToXsik has been excellent over the last few games. Riding a two-game winning streak, Magic Gam could make a run at a Playoff spot with only five losses, so while THE TICKET looms, this team doesn’t need to focus solely on that route just yet.

This Week: Magic Gaming were on the up and up, but a 1-1 record this week dropped them to 4-7 on the year. Their postseason chances are starting to crumble, so wins over Hawks Talon GC and Pistons GT are a must.

19. Heat Check Gaming
3-7, -8.35 pt. differential

“This team has an extremely high ceiling…they could easily be one of the best teams in the league…their defense is what is going to put them over the top.”

Last Week: Heat Check Gaming’s defense hasn’t materialized like predicted in the preseason. TBGShiftay has been very good at lock, but the team can’t seem to figure out a proper swing method, giving up too many open perimeter shots and transition buckets. Their offense has been a bit flat as well, even with Glennratty improving over the course of the season. This team made a big run during THE TICKET last season, but fell before they could make a real run at a piece of the Banner Chain. Unless they make a shift as a team, that might be their best chance at snagging a Playoff spot.

This Week: Another 1-1 week means this team may be playing spoiler the rest of the way. A nice win over Gen.G saw Glennratty play like the guy Heat Check drafted as he dropped 43 to complete the sweep. They get a bye this week before matching up with Magic Gaming and Cavs Legion GC in Week 10.

20. 76ers GC
2-8, -7.72 pt. differential

“The best-case scenario is not only winning the title, but putting together the best season in league history…anything less than another Final 4 finish would come at a surprise to most fans.”

Last Week: Not many could have seen this coming. A myriad of issues on both sides of the ball has seen a team with the highest of expectations fall to the bottom of the standings with a 1-7 record. Remote gameplay has not been kind to this team and it would take a T-Wolves Gaming-esque run for this team to make the Playoffs based on their regular-season record. If not, they’ll have an opportunity to rediscover some magic from Seasons 1 and 2 and make a big run at THE TICKET.

This Week: A win over CLTX Gaming harshened the blow after they lost to Magic Gaming despite taking Game 1 in that series. It was fun to see them run a different lineup and utilize Bread on a different PF build, but this team hasn’t been able to replicate their success of previous seasons. Lakers Gaming and Knicks Gaming await this week.

21. Pistons GT
2-8, -5.64 pt. differential

“Ramo is going to need to have another career year to get this team into the Playoffs.  In terms of being a title contender, that really falls on how good the rest of the team is and whether or not they hit their upside.”

Last Week: A 2-8 record with six games to go puts them in a difficult spot, so THE TICKET might be their last shot at getting into the Playoffs. On the bright side, the whole team is playing better since they figured out their best lineup, and that may give them some optimism given that scenario. Ramo switched from PF to Center and owns an impressive stat line of 14-5-7, but it makes you wonder what his and this team’s season would have been like if he was at Center all year long.

This Week: After the bye week, they get Kings Guard Gaming and Magic Gaming in Week 9. Will be interesting to see what adjustments they make.

22. Lakers Gaming 
2-10, -6.39 pt. differential

“All in all, this team should be fun to watch to see if they can make deep tournament runs. Playoffs are not out of the question, but getting this team to a place where they are consistently playing well should be the initial focus.”

Last Week: A variety of challenges have marred Season 3 for a team that has no shortage of quality talent. SAV has been a revelation and has cemented his place as the face of the franchise. Tactuk has been excellent since he’s been moved to lock. Dweq at Center has also been really fun to watch and it’s allowed Kev and Vert to go back to their more natural positions at SF and PF. It’s shaping up to be too late for this team to make a regular-season playoff run, but that’s why the league has THE TICKET. If SAV gets really hot and the team locks down on defense, maybe this team can make a run.

This Week: Lakers fell to Knicks Gaming last week to drop them to 2-10. They get 76ers GC this week as both begin to focus on THE TURN.

23. CLTX Gaming
0-11. -12.63 pt. differential

“This team, on paper, is elite. From the top-down, it’s one of the best organizations in the league led by one of it’s marquee players. CLTX Gaming should be a force to be reckoned with this season and is one of the true 4-5 title contenders we have for Season 3.”

Last Week: CLTX Gaming has fallen short of expectations this season, giving up nearly 74 PPG (last in the league) while currently sitting winless through seven games. That is hard to imagine for one of the league’s best teams through Seasons 1 and 2. While the focus may begin to shift to next season, oFAB and CLTX Gaming have historically proven to be a tough out in tournament play, so THE TICKET gives this team a glimmer of hope.

This Week: So close. A gritty series against 76ers GC saw the whole thing come down to the wire and CLTX Gaming just couldn’t finish it off. They remain winless at 0-11 and get their next shot at a win against Cavs Legion GC and Pacers Gaming this week.