Season 3 Team Preview: CLTX Gaming - NBA 2K League

Season 3 Team Preview: CLTX Gaming

CLTX Gaming has become a bit of an enigma. Despite being one of the most talented and successful teams through two seasons, they’ve yet to win the title or one of the mid-season tournaments. They always seem to be so close to winning, but fall just a little short. They made it to the semifinals last season, a huge accomplishment considering they started 1-5, but even their need for a comeback was odd.

Going into Season 3, all the cards are on the table. oFAB remains one of the best players in the world and the CLTX front office has given him a team full of pro-am teammates, best friends and chemistry alongside one of the best coaches in the league. Bottom line, this team goes how Fab goes. If he can string together another MVP-type season, this could be the best team in the league. If this team has to survive another early-season dip, things could get a little dicey.

Coach: Ricco Phinisee

Ricco is regarded as one of the best coaches in the league. On the court, he has plenty of competition, but off of it, he’s in an exclusive tier. His relationship with oFAB and the rest of the players on the team has been well-documented and is a huge reason why they were able to turn around their season last year. His challenge this year is getting this team to find an extra gear. They were a very good team last year, but they couldn’t escalate to a great one and fell to 76ers GC in the semifinals of the Playoffs.

Season 2 Team MVP: oFAB

Averaging 23 points and 11 assists while shooting 57% from the floor is tough for anyone to outdo. oFAB is one of the best 2K players in the world, period. He’s a complete player who puts up elite numbers at every single category, including and especially on defense. There are point guards in the league who can defend and then there is oFAB. He led all PGs with 38 steals, 15 more than 2nd place. It’s hard to wonder how much better he can play, but if there is anyone who can elevate their game again after such a good season, it’s oFAB.

Best Stat From Season 2: 1,071 Total Points

Say hello to the best offense from Season 2! Despite their slow start, CLTX Gaming was an offensive force, scoring the most points in the league and finishing 3rd in point differential. They shot over 50% from 3 and were one made 3 behind 76ers GC for the most made 3s in Season 2.

Offseason Moves:

Trades Made:

  1. Heat Check Gaming
    1. Acquired: MOAM
    2. Traded Away: 2020 2nd Round pick
  2. Blazer5 Gaming
    1. Acquired 2020 4th Round pick + 2021 4th Round pick
    2. Traded Away: 2020 4th Round pick + 2021 3rd Round pick

Draft Picks:


CLTX Gaming started the offseason by retaining their whole starting 5 from Season 2 besides their sharpshooter, Profusion. To fill the spot, the traded for MOAM (now called Easy) from Heat Check Gaming, giving oFAB another member of his pro-am team to play with. He may not be the level of 3-point shooter that Profusion is, but he can knock down 3s at a good clip and is a decent 2-way player, so their offense shouldn’t miss a beat. They drafted former Blazer5 starter TooxCool (formerly Daveed 3x) to be their 6th man and while the trade they made to get him was a bit risky, he may be the best 6th man big in the league.

Projected Lineup:

SG: Easy
PF: Bulleyy
6th Man: TooxCool

This roster appears to be a perfect complement to what Fab does on the floor. Mel brings intensity and defensive leadership. Easy brings the perimeter shooting and will amplify their transition offense. Bulleyy is the team glue guy and is an excellent defender at the 4. No Auto will be there to vacuum up rebounds and throw down the immense amount of lobs that oFAB loves to throw and TooxCool is there to fill in if either of the big men struggles throughout the season. No lineup has the 2-way potential like CLTX Gaming, especially with oFAB being the defensive anomaly he’s been the past two seasons.

Season 3 Breakout Candidate: Easy

Easy spent last season split between Jazz Gaming and Heat Check Gaming after a mid-season trade shipped him to Miami. He shot 57% from the floor across 11 starts equaling out to a little under 16 PPG. With Fab serving as his primary distributor, his stats could skyrocket if the meta trends towards him. We don’t know his ceiling, but playing with Fab can only help his cause. Everyone else on this roster knows their role and has a defined skill set, Easy will have to fill in the blanks around them and his quality of play could be what puts them over the edge.

Most Likely scenario: Title Contender

This team, on paper, is elite. From the top-down, it’s one of the best organizations in the league led by one of it’s marquee players. This team will go as oFAB goes, both on and off the court. He is a stellar player and seems to be locked in on winning a title this season, so perhaps this is the year they put it all together. Once you take into account the rest of the roster and especially the lion-like ferocity of MEL EAST, CLTX Gaming should be a force to be reckoned with this season and is one of the true 4-5 title contenders we have for Season 3.