11 Games to Watch in Season 3 - NBA 2K League

11 Games to Watch in Season 3

The 2020 NBA 2K League season begins with THE TIPOFF powered by AT&T on March 24 in the league’s brand-new Manhattan studio. Anticipation for the season is high and here are 11 games you won’t want to miss!

Nets GC vs. Knicks Gaming – Friday, 4/3

No better way to start the season than with a hometown rivalry! The Nets GC-Knicks Gaming matchup last year provided some of the best in-studio crowds of the season and this matchup will likely be no different. Both teams are coming in with very different starting 5s than their last meeting following the draft, but that’ll only add more fuel to the fire. Choc vs. Duck will be a riveting confrontation as the two top 10 picks will go toe to toe at PG for the first of likely many matchups between the pair. Both will have THE TIPOFF under their belts, but there is nothing quite getting on that stage and competing in your first NBA 2K League Regular Season game. With seven combined rookies between these two teams, this one should be a doozy.

76ers GC vs. Blazer5 Gaming – Friday, 4/10

All Radiant vs. Mama battles should be highlighted just for the pure entertainment value they bring. Any time you get those two guys on stage, it’s like getting two heavyweight boxers in the ring. Add in the insane talent from the rest of their teams and you have a true title fight just one week into the season. While no actual title gets decided, this could be billed as an early Finals preview and should give us a good clue as to how these teams square up against the best in the league. This game could also have huge seeding implications as they only playing once this regular-season and are staring at another top-seeded finish. Two league MVPS vs. #Glitchy25’s top-ranked player? Let’s get ready to rumble.

Mavs Gaming vs. CLTX Gaming – Friday, 4/24

A rematch of last season’s quarterfinal matchup and the next chapter in the Fab vs. Dimez saga, this one should get marked on everyone’s calendar. We’ll be three weeks in at this point and should have a pretty good idea about how these teams compare to the rest of the league. While most will narrow in on the PG stare down, the rest of the positional matchups are equally thrilling, especially in the frontcourt. No Auto vs. PeteBeBallin was a great battle during the Playoffs last season, with No Auto coming out on top with 32 points and 27 rebounds combined over two games. Bulleyy will have the chance to get a crack at rookie Sleetys_, who is taking over for Rux in Season 3. Mutual respect between the two PGs is there, but their rivalry as the OG #1 vs. #2 overall picks, continues.

Hornets Venom vs T-Wolves Gaming – Friday, 5/1

The NachoTraynor Bowl is becoming yearly occurrence and this time around it comes in the form of a fascinating matchup between the reigning champs and one of the league’s two new expansion teams! Nacho spent last season as the 6th man for the champs and joined Hornets Venom as a front office member this past offseason. In his first Draft, he created a team very similar to the one he just left, as noted in our Draft Recap. Despite their drafting similarities, the two teams could not be more different. T-Wolves Gaming brings back four Season 2 starters and only one rookie while Hornets Venom has that flipped with four rookies and one Season 2 starter in Type. This Hornets team will have a little under a month to get their feet set before taking on the champs, so we could either see a team ready to make the leap or one that isn’t quite ready for prime time.

Gen.G Tigers vs Lakers Gaming – Thursday, 5/7

We talked about the New York hometown rivalry, but we have a new one this year in Los Angeles. Gen.G is trying to stake their claim over LA this season and they meet their crosstown rivals, Lakers Gaming, for the first time in the beginning of May. Two top 7 overall picks in Sav and ShiftyKaii get their first crack at each other as they both try to become the face of the 2K League in Los Angeles. Gen.G has a ton of young talent but it may take some time for it all to mesh, much like the expansion teams last season, but this would be right at the point of the season where we find out just how good they might be. The same goes for the Lakers coming off a difficult debut season, and we will likely know where their team stands once this matchup unfolds.

Wizards DG vs. Knicks Gaming – Wednesday, 5/20

Across all sports, there’s always incredible buzz when watching the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks in a Draft square off for the first time in their career. The experience is enhanced when you are dealing with dueling Quarterbacks in football or more importantly, point guards in basketball. JBM vs. Duck could not come at a better time during the season. THE TURN will have just wrapped up and both of them will have had plenty of time to acclimate to the stage. Even without the top two picks, this games is littered with great positional matchups. Dayfri vs. CantGuard Rob and ReeseDaGod vs. OriginalMalik also highlight this excellent mid-season bout.

Blazer5 Gaming vs T-Wolves Gaming – Friday, 5/22

You can’t tell the story of Season 2 without acknowledging the intense rivalry that became Blazer5 vs. T-Wolves Gaming. Their matchups last season were absolutely thrilling, whether it was the T-Wolves incredible upset victory during THE TURN in Las Vegas or the final game of the regular season when Turnupdefense hit the buzzer-beating 3-pointer against B5 to send the eventual champs to the Playoffs. We get a rehashing of this top tier rivalry as a primetime Friday game right after THE TURN, a game that will certainly be packed with storylines coming off the tournament. Another game that could have massive seeding implications, the Bear vs. Mama III is a must-see event on its own.

T-Wolves Gaming vs. 76ers GC – Friday, 5/29

The match-up that we all want to see. A re-match of last year’s Finals smack in the middle of the regular season, this is one to circle on your calendar. Everything is primed for one of the best games of the whole season, whether it’s positional battles, coaching, superstar Point Guards. You name it, this game has it. We saw during the Finals that the difference between Newdini and Turnupdefense decide the entire series. With both of them gone, it’ll be up to the additions of USERPICK and Big Saint to guard BearDaBeast and Radiant, something many have attempted but most have failed.

Hornets Venom GT vs. Gen.G Tigers – Friday, 6/12

Next up in the 2K League dojo is this year’s showdown between new expansion teams. We’ll have a pretty clear picture as to where both of these teams stand at this point in the season and both will hoping to be battling for a spot in the postseason. The backcourt matchup is a serious one to watch with four rookies going at it in a war of clashing styles. The dual-ball handler system of Killey and Kaii facing off against the drive-and-kick offense that Expose and Snubby will create should make for a terrific game. Don’t sleep on the defense for these teams either.

Hawks Talon GC vs. Kings Guard Gaming – Friday, 6/26

After one of the biggest trades in the offseason, we get to see Bp against his former team! Even better, he gets to face off against the player the Kings drafted at No. 3 overall, the top pick they acquired in the trade. Crushy at lock trying to defend one of the best dribblers in the league would be enough to get people to watch, but adding in the trade factor AND that Dat Boy Shotz is also facing his former team should make this an instant classic. Don’t sleep on BallLikeSeem in this one either, as he could be an X-factor.

Knicks Gaming vs. Grizz Gaming – Friday, 7/17

Goofy 757 has made it very clear that he has this game circled on his calendar, therefore so do we. The Knicks Gaming-Goofy trade was the largest in league history in terms of total picks for one player and Goofy has his sights set on performing well against his former team. Not only do we have that to look forward to, but this is also the last week of the regular season before THE TICKET. This could decide a Playoff spot if both of these teams live up to their potential making this a juicy match-up between two very talented teams.