Ziggy Ziah Talks Mavs GG and Helping Her Team to the Next Level - NBA 2K League

Ziggy Ziah Talks Mavs GG and Helping Her Team to the Next Level

The fourth season of the NBA 2K League will have tons of storylines to follow that go beyond the box score. One of the most important ones is connected to league trailblazers Ziah Minor of Mavs Gaming, and Alaina “DjLayyy” Haney of Celtics Crossover Gaming, both of which became the second and third women drafted in league history.

Chiquita became the first woman drafted to the league ahead of Season 2, and her presence paved the way for Minor and Haney.

I had an opportunity to speak with Ziah about things such as her experiences since she heard her name called at the draft, Chiquita, her “IRL” basketball experience, favorite real-life players, and even my article calling Mavs Gaming one of the biggest losers in the draft.

The Washington D.C. native was selected in the third round with the 52nd overall selection.

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