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SLAM OPEN Week 1 Power Rankings

The first week of the 2023 season is in the books and what an incredible start it was. Surprises all over the place and a bunch of incredible debuts from one of the best rookie classes in league history. You have legacy teams struggling alongside newfound powers finding their footing in the league. Week 1 gave us just about everything. With that being said, let’s jump into our first round of Power Rankings! The first record is the team’s SERIES record, the second is their GAME record.


  1. Grizz Gaming (4-0) (12-2) 40 points


Could you have possibly written a better start to the season for Memphis than this? Shoot, I know I definitely couldn’t. Cp was a man possessed this week, showing why it was a mistake for him to drop all the way to 7 on draft night. Sure, he dunked the ball A LOT. But, he took what was given to him and damn, a 4-0 record is a 4-0 record! They are 12-2 and still have room to improve. Logic_Stark and Jrod need a mention too – outstanding debut for that duo. A big matchup awaits next week against Dux Infinitos, it may end up deciding who wins the group.


  1. Bucks Gaming (4-0) (12-6) 40 points 


  1. NBL Oz Gaming (3-0) (9-3) 30 points 


Nothing better than a talented team with great vibes. We questioned this team’s 5v5 decision making all offseason, but who the hell cares right now. They have a really good and extremely entertaining 3v3 roster. Jyden played like a man still pissed about not getting retained as did DjayTooCold. Add onto it a great professional debut from LawRich and you have a must-watch team every week. I was told a group of kangaroos is called a mob, so consider me a part of the NBL mob until further notice. 


  1. Hawks Talon GC (3-1) (10-5) 30 points 


  1. DUX Infinitos (3-1) (9-4) 30 points 


I’ll be honest, I was very scared when this team got swept by the Grizz. “Uh oh, here we go again.” Thankfully, the team woke up and finished the week 3-0. LowkeyGodlike looks very much like the first round pick they spent on him and Killeyy looks like he’s taken a step forward with his leadership and patience. I liked what I saw out of Hes too, his development is so important to this team going forward. This team started hot last season before fading down the stretch, hopefully they can avoid the ladder in 2023.


  1. Knicks Gaming (3-1) (10-5) 30 points 


  1. Wizards DG (3-1) (9-5) 30 points 


  1. Cavs Legion GC (3-1) (9-5) 30 points 


  1. Warriors Gaming (3-1) (10-5) 30 points 


  1. Nets GC (2-1) (7-6) 20 points 


  1. 76ers GC (2-2) (8-8) 20 points  
  2. Pistons GT (2-2) (7-9) 20 points 


A bit of a rocky start for Detroit. Their patented Interior Big lineup has already been played off the court, which means reigning 3v3 Finals MVP Ramo is on the bench. Replacing him is first round pick Connor and while he has performed admirably so far, there is just something missing with this team. Maybe it’s just us going back to remote play, but this team doesn’t feel as terrifying as they did last season, they actually feel quite mortal. I’m definitely not writing them off yet, way too early to do that with a 3v3 team with Ant and BagMotion, but the Pistons GT pack just isn’t hitting the same right now. Maybe a few more games with their new lineup will do the trick.


  1. Heat Check Gaming (2-2) (7-8) 20 points


  1. T-Wolves Gaming (2-2) (10-7) 20 points 


  1. Jazz Gaming (2-2) (8-7) 20 points 


This is my official sleeper team for this 3v3 season. They lack consistency, but their peaks have been as good as almost any team in the league. RekCombos is a stellar 3v3 guard. His IQ and feel for the game is wonderful to watch and having two very smart players in Kaaze and Ria make his life even easier. They have a tendency to lose focus from time to time, hence the 2-2 record, but I really like the way this team is trending. It’s just so difficult to beat a team who’s third best 3v3 player is either Kaaze or Ria, a crazy thing to say out loud. It’s going to take them some time to hit their stride. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go out early in this tournament, but come Championship time? Dark horse.


  1. Raptors Uprising GC (1-2) (5-6) 10 points 


  1. Gen.G Tigers (1-3) (7-11) 10 points 


  1. Mavs Gaming (1-3) (4-10) 10 points 


  1. Magic Gaming (1-3) (6-11) 10 points


Similar to Pistons GT, a weird start for the Magic Gaming squad. Their peaks were very good. We saw a lot of the elite 2-way play that got them the STEAL OPEN championship and a deep run in the Championships, but it wasn’t consistent enough. It also looked to me like Unguardable was pressing a bit. Maybe the pressure of being “the guy” has gotten in his head a little bit, I saw a bunch of uncharacteristic plays from him all week. I’m confident he and the rest of the team will figure it out, but just something to keep an eye on. Maybe we’ll withhold hardcore opinions on them until group play is over.


  1. Celtics Crossover Gaming (1-3) (8-9) 10 points 


  1. Blazer5 Gaming (0-4) (3-12) 0 points 


  1. Hornets Venom GT (0-4) (3-12) 0 points 


  1. Pacers Gaming (0-3) (2-9) 0 points 


  1. Kings Guard Gaming (0-4) (1-12) 0 points 


I…just….wow. 1-12? A team with Regg, Bray, Bash, and Kerry should never win one game out of 13. I’m not even sure what’s going on with Dimez. I don’t think we’ve even seen him during any of the look-ins to their facility. Something is up with this Kings Guard team. We talked a lot this offseason about how the personalities on this team we’re a bit of an awkward fit and it seems we may have been right. Even though it’s one week into the season, they have to figure this stuff out now before it’s too late. You never want to lose an entire season due to chemistry issues in Week 1. They have a bunch of vets on that team, so I’m hopeful they will turn it around, but man…1-12?!


N/A Lakers Gaming