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Thoughts and Observations From NBA 2K League Week 7

The NBA 2K League season has seemingly flown by.

We just wrapped up Week 7, and coming out of THE TURN powered by AT&T, every team in the league has its marching orders. It’s either sustain, surge or salvage.

Here are my thoughts and observations from Week 7 action.

Talk to Mazique…Have a 4-0 Week

I’ve always known I was a good luck charm, but it was proven this past week. Just before 76ers GC got their 4-game slate underway in Week 7, I sat down with Walnut and ARooks to discuss being traded, the first half of the season, THE TURN, and their plans for the second half.

Both men were locked in and apparently, I must be like Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday,” because 76ers GC responded with arguably their best week of 2K this season. They registered 2-0 sweeps over Raptors Uprising GC, who are still influx as they await Dimez arrival, since the mega trade last week, and THE TURN champion Hornets Venom GT.

It’s only right that this rhymes…talk to Mazique, have a 4-0 week. Spread the word.

The Down TURN

Teams that performed well during THE TURN didn’t have a great Week 7. HVGT, the tournament champions, had to settle for a 2-2 finish after the aforementioned sweep at the hands of 76ers GC.

Blazer5, the runners-up and Wizards District Gaming were off. Heat Check Gaming probably wishes they were too.

After carrying on what had been a strong regular season surge, HCG regressed back to their woeful early season form with an 0-4 showing in Week 7. HCG didn’t just lose 4 games, they got clobbered twice by Nets GC on Saturday after losing back-to-back contests to a Celtics Crossover Gaming squad that most would have picked them to beat.

Sav is on the downswing of his roller-coaster season. After spearheading the team’s surge, he has struggled badly of late. He averaged just 17.5 points and just under five turnovers per game in the team’s 4 Week 7 losses.

The two TURN semifinalists in action in Week 7 were a combined 2-6.

T’Wolves’ Major Resurgence

If you were beginning to worry about the T’Wolves, they may have found a way to right the ship. In Week 7, they were among three teams who put together a perfect week–and it couldn’t have come at a better time for this squad.

T’Wolves didn’t just sweep the week, they won their four games over Pacers Gaming and Hawks Talon by an average of 17.75 points.

That is significant. Sure, Hawks Talon is in the midst of an epic struggle to simply compete (more on that in a second), but T’Wolves Gaming also manhandled the Pacers, beating them by an average of 17 points per contest. Expect to see them hop back up the power rankings.

BP Voices Frustrations on Twitter

Hawks Talon GC hasn’t won a game of 2K since June 5. The team has lost an almost inconceivable 12 games in a row. Whenever there is futility on that level, there is bound to be frustration.

Hawks Talon player BP took his frustrations to Twitter when he posted: “my talent in 2k is being wasted.”

He would later delete the tweet and almost all of his Twitter history in the subsequent days. However, as of Sunday morning, BP still had some cryptic tweets that suggest there is unrest with the squad as coach Wesley Acuff attempts to find a solution to what’s ailing his team.

He tweeted: “Truth gonna come out, ima chill.”

Remember what I said about sustain, surge or salvage. At this point, Hawks Talon are definitely trying to salvage whatever they can from what has seemingly become a lost season.

Deconstruct the Bucks

“Operation Deconstruct The Bucks” is still in full swing. Following a trade that sent ARooks to 76ers GC in exchange for Caliraq, Bucks Gaming also traded Lotty back to Jazz Gaming (where he played in Season 3) for Expose.

Lotty played well in Week 7, in what turned out to be his final games with Bucks Gaming. Unfortunately, it was the same old song for the team on a whole.

They finished the week 1-3 as they were able to squeak out a win over Cavs Legion on Wednesday before being swept by Pacers Gaming on Thursday.

Jazz Playing Sweet Music in Week 7

You wonder if Jazz Gaming really needed to make a move? They are playing excellent 2K. After a respectable run at THE TURN, they put together a perfect 4-0 week.

With Get on My Level playing in place of the traded Expose, Jazz Gaming didn’t miss a beat. Splashy continues to be perhaps the most underrated point guard in the 2K League.

He is second in the league in scoring and he peppered Lakers Gaming and Magic Gaming to the tune of 29 points per game while averaging less than 2 turnovers per contest.

Beware of the Jazz.

Put Some Respect on Knicks Gaming’s Name

I will admit it. I haven’t given Knicks Gaming a lot of respect this year, and neither have many people in the 2K League community. However, they deserve credit for what they did in Week 7.

They swept Hawks Talon and split with Nets GC to go 3-1 for the week. That is an outstanding showing for a team that had been marred by 2-2 weeks and generally average play.

Glo has been solid in the middle and Duck exploded at point guard. He lit Hawks Talon up for 44 points per game in the sweep and held his own against Choc and Nets GC.

It’s time to stop overlooking Knicks Gaming.

Brian Mazique is a life-long hoops junkie and a fan of the NBA 2K franchise since its inception in 1999. Professionally, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, and has covered sports and video games for the past 15 years for a variety of platforms, including Bleacher Report, Forbes, and The views on this page are that of this writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA 2K League or its clubs.

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