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Thoughts and Observations From NBA 2K League Week 2

Week 2 featured more blowouts and lopsided final scores than we might have liked, but we’re beginning to separate the pretenders from the contenders.

With another slate of games in the books, let’s take a gander at my thoughts and observations from Week 2.

Is Pacers Gaming For Real?

At 6-0, the answer to that question would seemingly be a resounding “yes.” I’m leaning in that direction.

Pacers Gaming has my early pick for Rookie of the Year in 630. He’s been phenomenal all season, making tons of big shots.

He’s been fortunate to land with a squad that features a good amount of veteran leadership. WoLF has been with the Pacers since day one. LavishPhenom is another member of the original 102, as is Jomar, and then there is Swizurk. 

If there is some reason for caution, it comes in looking at their strength of schedule. PCG beat up on winless Cavs Legion GC, but also swept Kings Guard Gaming. I’d say we still need to be cautiously optimistic about their long-term projection. 

Miserable Starts

There are a whopping seven teams in the league that are winless. Heat Check Gaming has just one victory in eight contests. The misery is real for these teams. Not all of the winless teams are in the same boat, though. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai and Mavs Gaming are 0-2 but in a far-from-hopeless state.

However, when you look at teams like Bucks Gaming (0-8), Raptors Uprising (0-6), and Cavs Legion (0-6), we’re coming up on the point of no return. 

Where’s DJLayyy and Ziah?

This year, the NBA 2K League saw two women drafted into the league, DJLayyy of Celtics Crossover Gaming, and Ziah Minor of Mavs Gaming. Neither woman has played, and the teams are a combined 1-5 to start the season.

At what point, if at all, will we see Layyy or Ziah make their debut? I’m not suggesting either one single-handedly has the keys to a turnaround, but the longer the two teams struggle, the louder the question will become. 

Kai Nearly Outscored Bucks Gaming By Himself

T-Wolves Gaming has proven itself to be elite after winning THE TIPOFF, powered by AT&T, and starting the season 7-1. Bear Da Beast has been outstanding at point guard, but ShiftyKaii’s play has also been notable. 

Take this under consideration: Kaii scored 52 points in his team’s 112-59 win over Bucks Gaming in Week 2, nearly outscoring them in the contest. Wow. 

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