THE TURN Stage Play Preview - NBA 2K League

THE TURN Stage Play Preview

Hornets Venom GT vs NetsGC


Hornets Venom GT heads into their matchup versus NetsGC hoping to claim another series win after defeating T-Wolves Gaming in bracket play. In order for this to happen, Antoinelove has to be effectual from the field throughout the series to make sure of a demoralizing task for Streetz on the defensive side of the ball. To add on, he needs to constructively facilitate and limit his slip-ups to avoid allowing NetsGC to convert those turnovers into points. Also, FlukeLock needs to come through with flying colors defensively to keep Greens from finding his flow offensively through the series. If Antoinelove can go shot for shot with Greens and Flukelock can create pandemonium on the defensive end, Hornets Venom GT will win the series and keep their playoff hopes alive.


NetsGC storms into stage play looking to extend their winning streak with a series victory over Hornets Venom GT. To achieve their goal, Greens needs to be productive from the field to ensure that Flukelock cannot contain him during the course of the series. To add to that, he needs to favorably facilitate and limit his lapses so that the opposition won’t have the chance to convert those turnovers into fast-break points. On top of that, Streetz has no choice but to rise to the challenge defensively and hinder Antoinelove so that he cannot have his way offensively through the duration of the series. If Greens can light up the scoreboard and Streetz subdues Antoinelove defensively, NetsGC captures the series and adds another tally to their win streak.


Prediction: Hornets Venom GT defeats NetsGC


NBL Oz Gaming vs Blazer5 Gaming


NBL Oz Gaming bursts into stage play looking to come out on top and knock Blazer5 Gaming out of playoff contention and into THE TICKET. For this to occur, Harry has got to be proficient from the field from the beginning to the end of the series to prompt a disheartening assignment for Lavish on defense. By the same token, it is imperative that he diminish any blunders so that Blazer5 Gaming can’t take charge of the game on the defensive end. In the meantime LawRich has an obligation to suppress Claude to guarantee that he struggles to find an offensive rhythm. In closing, if Harry scores in bunches and LawRich stands his ground defensively, NBL Oz Gaming wins the series.


Blazer5 Gaming barges into their upcoming matchup looking to assemble another victory and claim their spot in the NBA 2K League playoffs. The only way this happens is for Claude to be efficacious from the field through the span of the series to make certain that LawRich won’t be up to snuff defensively. In addition, Claude must eliminate any shortcomings offensively in order to give Blazer5 Gaming the best chance to end up on the favorable side of the scoreboard at the conclusion of the series. Moreover, Lavish has to measure up to the expectation and thwart Harry so that he won’t be able to find his niche at any point during the series. If Blazer5 Gaming executes, they emerge from the series victorious, while also making the playoffs.


Prediction: NBL Oz Gaming defeats Blazer5 Gaming


Cavs Legion GC vs Pacers Gaming


Cavs Legion GC prepares to lace up the gloves and fight to knock off Pacers Gaming and send them to THE TICKET. To accomplish this, Antoine has no other choice but to be efficient from the field. Secondly, he must eliminate his turnovers so that Cavs Legion can have the best shot to sneak away with the series. To end, SubGoated must hit the mark defensively in order to keep the high-volume scoring guard in Greenlight at bay. If Cavs Legion do the things mentioned above, they move forward and keep their postseason dreams alive.


Pacers Gaming makes their way into stage play of THE TURN Tournament hoping to carry the momentum over from their win versus the Gen.G Tigers. To generate a positive result and attain the winning feat, Greenlight needs to be formidable from the field from start to finish in order to keep SubGoated from squelching him defensively. On top of that, Greenlight must tone down his turnovers in order for Pacers Gaming to get the job done. In conclusion, Range has to deliver defensively and suffocate Antoine defensively so that he won’t find his pace throughout the series. If Pacers Gaming completes the challenge, they move forward and live to fight another day.


Prediction: Pacers Gaming defeats Cavs Legion GC