THE TURN Powered by AT&T - Power Rankings #2 - NBA 2K League

THE TURN Powered by AT&T – Power Rankings #2

 With week 1 of the Turn in the books, the desperation is about to hit an all-time high. Teams on the bubble have just 3 games to prove their worth and with both conferences incredibly tight around the 3-5 seeds, every game means that much more. However, we can worry about that in a couple days, for now, let’s jump into the power rankings for the week.


  1. Warriors Gaming Squad (14-1)
  2. Bucks Gaming (8-4)
  3. Heat Check Gaming (8-3)
  4. T-Wolves Gaming (7-3)
  5. Raptors Uprising GC (9-8)


A little reshuffling at the top, but no new additions to our contenders group. We may get a new team up here next week with how well 76ers GC and Cavs Legion are playing, but nothing new up here for now.


Damn Good

  1. 76ers GC (7-2)
  2. Cavs Legion GC (7-2)
  3. Pistons GT (6-5)
  4. Wizards District Gaming (8-6)
  5. Mavs Gaming (5-4)
  6. Knicks Gaming (6-5)


This group has been incredibly fun to trask all season long. It’s changed, morphed, evolved, more times than i can count, but I like these 6 teams heading into the last week of the Turn. These teams haven’t locked in playoff spots yet, but they are getting mighty close to climbing the ladder and kicking it out from under them. Philly and Cleveland jump up a few spots after undefeated weeks, both teams have really leveled up their game and the Radiant Trade for 76ers GC has already proven to work. Another good week could see this group be all locked up heading into Turn Bracket Play.


On The Bubble

  1. Hawks Talon GC (5-5)
  2. Kings Guard Gaming (5-4) 
  3. Grizz Gaming (4-5)
  4. Pacers Gaming (4-5)
  5. Magic Gaming (4-5)
  6. CLTX Gaming (4-5)
  7. Nets Gaming Crew (3-6)
  8. Jazz Gaming (3-6)

A brutal week for most of the teams in this group. A lot of fleeting playoff hopes, but inside of that, a few new ones emerged. Kings Guard cemented their playoff run with a 2-1 week, while Pacers Gaming saved their season with a 2-1 week of their own. Both are square in the hunt for the last seed in the Western Conference, a fight that could come down to the last day of the season. Magic Gaming and CLTX also got huge wins to keep their hopes alive, but an undefeated week is probably necessary to keep that realistic. 


Quadrant of Woe

  1. Gen.G Tigers (2-7)
  2. Hornets Venom GT (2-7)
  3. NBL Oz Gaming (1-7)
  4. Lakers Gaming (1-8)
  5. Blazer5 Gaming (2-7)
  6. Dux Infinitos (2-7)


Two new editions in this group with Charlotte and NBL Oz falling into the dreaded Quadrant of Woe. All 6 of these teams are officially Ticket bound outside of a complete miracle and considering how these teams have been playing defense this year, it’s probably not a huge surprise. You never know what will happen during the Ticket but…yea…it’ll be a longshot for any of these teams to keep their seasons alive.