The TURN powered by AT&T- Week 1 Recap - NBA 2K League

The TURN powered by AT&T- Week 1 Recap

Nothing like a fun week of group play to bring 5v5 back into the spotlight! Games were great, players were awesome, it was very nice to get back to some classic NBA 2K League basketball. Let’s go group by group and do a bit of a first week review as we head into the decided week of group stage games next week!

Group A:
T-Wolves Gaming – 2 points (2-0)
Jazz Gaming – 2 points (2-0)
Mavs Gaming – 1 point (1-1)
Pacers Gaming – 1 point (1-1)
DUX Infinitos – 0 points (0-2)
Blazer5 Gaming – 0 points (0-2)

Probably the least surprising group that we’ve had so far. Jazz Gaming and T-Wolves Gaming dominate, while Mavs Gaming and Pacers Gaming look alright. Dux Infinitos gets hit with a bit of a regression to the mean with their 3-point shooting and Blazer5 Gaming…well I guess that is the big surprise to this group. When we look back at this season for Blazer5 Gaming, you have to look at their two draft picks following the unguardable pick at #5 overall. Bucket and CantGuardRob just need to be better if this team wants to make the playoffs. Outside of that, no real surprises here.

Group B:
Kings Guard Gaming – 3 points (3-0)
Warriors Gaming Squad – 2 points (2-0)
Lakers Gaming – 1 point (1-1)
Cavs Legion GC – 1 point (1-2)
Bucks Gaming – 1 point (1-2)
Pistons GT – 0 points (0-3)

Now we’re talking! Talk about a group being flipped on its head! Massive, franchise-altering week for Kings Guard Gaming. Not only did they go 3-0, they did it in fantastic fashion, showing off multiple ways to win. Against Bucks Gaming? Impressive 70-66 win and slamming the door shut on a late 4th Q run. Against Lakers Gaming? A huge response to a slow start. They didn’t give the lead back after re-taking it in the 2nd Q. Against Pistons GT? A 27-12 4th quarter comeback. Wins are good, but in this league, it’s all about HOW you get those wins. Kings Guard Gaming is through to the bracket stage, but are they officially back? We’ll see.

Group C:
Wizards District Gaming – 3 points (3-0)
Heat Check Gaming – 2 points (2-0)
Hawks Talon GC – 1 point (1-2)
Magic Gaming – 1 point (1-1)
Knicks Gaming – 1 point (1-2)
NetsGC – 0 points (0-3)

Our 2 New York teams combining for a 1-5 record was not on my bingo card, especially in this group. What’s worse is that both are having very similar issues. They simply can’t score enough and when the offense goes cold, the defense can’t keep up. The KingHaad trade for NetsGC is already looking pretty rough. He was already top 5 in the league in turnovers per game as a Point Guard, a stat he extended this week with 10 turnovers in three games. Tough sledding for the Nets GC squad coming off a 4-1 group stage performance in the Tipoff. For the rest of the group, Wiz and Heat Check Gaming showing why they are two of the best teams in the conference. For Magic Gaming and Hawks Talon GC…let’s see how next week goes first before crowning anyone else.

Group D:
Celtics Crossover Gaming – 2 points (2-1)
Grizz Gaming – 2 points (2-0)
76ers GC – 1 point (1-2)
Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 1 point (1-1)
Hornets Venom GT – 1 point (1-2)
Raptors Uprising GC – 1 point (1-2)

I mean…what is this group. 76ersGC beat Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai handedly, but also lost to CLTX and Raptors Uprising? CLTX had a chance to clinch a spot in group stage last night but got run off the floor by a Hornets Venom GT team that was on a three-game losing streak? The Grizz are just chilling at 2-0 without a care in the world? It’s a wild group, I don’t know how to make sense of what’s going on besides saying that next week is going to be awesome. No one has clinched yet and the group is still completely wide open. Your guess to who comes out is as good as mine at this point.

Games return on Tuesday, hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!