THE TURN Powered by AT&T - Power Rankings #1 - NBA 2K League

THE TURN Powered by AT&T – Power Rankings #1

Another amazing edition of the Tipoff powered by AT&T has come to a close and we are left…well in a similar spot to when we left! Warriors Gaming Squad remains the team to beat in the NBA 2K League, dominating their way to an undefeated Tipoff run to take home our first tournament of the year. Only 2 sections of the power rankings were updated, so let’s focus on those teams for now. Short and sweet for Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Warriors Gaming Squad (11-1)
  2. Bucks Gaming (6-4)
  3. Raptors Uprising GC (8-6)
  4. T-Wolves Gaming (6-2)

I feel a bit silly for taking the Warriors out of the #1 spot just from one loss. In retrospect, they had one bad shooting night against a red-hot team and that was that. T-Wovles Gaming has since proven to still be a bit of a work in progress and are now part of that 2nd tier of Western Conference teams trying to dethrone the Warriors. Considering how they smacked around both Pistons GT and Bucks Gaming, it is going to take a Herculean effort by the conference to stop them. On the East side, big standing ovation for Raptors Uprising GC. One of the better underdog runs in recent memories, they’ve cemented themselves as a force in the 2024 season. The rest of the East? Dogfight. I couldn’t tell you who the 2-7 best teams are, it’s going to be an all-out war in the Turn to snag those last playoff spots. 

Damn Good

  1. Wizards District Gaming (7-4)
  2. Heat Check Gaming (5-3)
  3. Pistons GT (4-4)
  4. Mavs Gaming (3-3)
  5. 76ers GC (4-2)
  6. Knicks Gaming (5-4)
  7. Cavs Legion GC (4-2)
  8. Hawks Talon GC (3-3)

Wizards, Heat, and Pistons top this group and are in pole position to nab playoff spots in our next tournament. Wizards DG definitely impressed this week, finally finding some stability for a franchise that was floating aimlessly without Dayfri. Benzo has taken control and with him, D.C’s hopes and dreams of winning a 3rd title lie with his continued growth. Heat Check Gaming is in a similar situation with Ky, who saw his elite scoring get undercut by the stage environment and it’s gritty play style. It’s a good time for his to get knocked down, I’m interested to see how Miami adjusts and make another run. They still remain one of the only teams in the league I think can hang with the Warriors, but if they don’t take that next step, they may never get the chance. For Pistons GT and heck, let’s throw Knicks Gaming in here too, they need to figure out their defense and fast. We’ve had plenty of teams in the past who go to the tipoff, get exposed, and then just bottom out because there don’t fix what’s broken. Both still have title potential and I’m holding onto faith that their elite players can turn it around, but with both in incredibly difficult groups for the Turn, it’s going to take everything they have to break away from the pack.

On The Bubble

  1. Nets Gaming Crew (3-3)
  2. Grizz Gaming (3-3)
  3. CLTX Gaming (2-4)
  4. Kings Guard Gaming (3-3) 
  5. Pacers Gaming (2-4)
  6. Magic Gaming (2-4)
  7. NBL Oz Gaming (1-5)
  8. Hornets Venom GT (2-4) 
  9. Jazz Gaming (2-4)

Quadrant of Woe

  1. Gen.G Tigers (1-5)
  2. Lakers Gaming (1-5)
  3. Blazer5 Gaming (1-5)
  4. Dux Infinitos (2-4)

No changes to our last few groups! We’ll see all these teams in action this week as the Turn powered by AT&T gets underway. The Turn has been and will always be my favorite tournament, this is when the crap really hits the fan and chaos truly starts to take over 5v5. Can’t wait to see what teams have for us this week, games return on Wednesday. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!!