THE TURN Powered by AT&T - Matchup Predictions #1 - NBA 2K League

THE TURN Powered by AT&T – Matchup Predictions #1

Warriors Gaming Squad vs Jazz Gaming


Warriors Gaming Squad storms into THE TURN Powered by AT&T hoping to continue their dominance from the TIPOFF, where they won the championship. To start out on the right foot and defeat Jazz Gaming, CB13 has to be efficient from the field from beginning to end to keep Kaze on his toes defensively. In addition, he needs to dice up the defense and do away with any offensive woes to not allow the opposition the chance to convert those faults into points. Moreover, Kenny Got Work has to meet the standard defensively and smother Feen to ensure that he struggles to find his flow offensively. If CB13 scores in bunches and WGS creates pandemonium on defense, they will have no problem winning the game in convincing fashion. 


After a disappointing TIPOFF tournament, Jazz Gaming needs to right their wrongs and come out hot versus the Dubs. Feen has to be effective from the field in order to keep Kenny Got Work at bay defensively. He also has to limit any offensive mistakes to keep the Warriors from converting those shortcomings into fastbreak points. Kaze will have to come up big defensively to contain CB13.


Can Golden State continue to reign supreme, or does the Jazz have what it takes to pull off the upset? 


Prediction: Warriors Gaming Squad defeats Jazz Gaming


Mavs Gaming vs Lakers Gaming


Following their heartbreaking defeat at the hands of Bucks Gaming to end group play in the TIPOFF, Mavs Gaming looks to bounce back in a huge way to beat Lakers Gaming to kick off THE TURN. For this to happen, Kapp has to be productive through the duration of the game to guarantee a daunting task for Trellyb on defense. Furthermore, he has to erase any blunders on offense to prohibit the Lakers from converting those misfortunes into transition points. Over and above that, Dayfri has a duty to make the grade defensively and suppress ShiftyKaii from finding his niche on the offensive end. If Kapp lights up the scoreboard and MavsGG answers the call on defense, they capture the win.


Lakers Gaming prepares for battle with Mavs Gaming desperately needing a win after an awful TIPOFF tournament, collecting only one win. For this to come to fruition, ShiftyKaii must be prolific from the field all the way through the game to be assured that Dayfri cannot stay in front of him defensively. To add to this, Trellyb is required to rise to the occasion and restrain Kapp to deny him any opportunity to find a groove offensively. In the end, if the Lakers stand their ground, they will have Dallas waiving the white flag.


Prediction: Mavs Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming


Pistons GT vs Kings Guard Gaming


As a result of a top-8 finish in the TIPOFF tournament , Pistons GT looks to rewrite their story and start THE TURN 1-0. To make this transpire, Ant needs to be competent from the field across the game to be assured that Bray can’t slow him down defensively. In addition to what has been said, he cannot have any gaffes on offense if the Pistons want to end up on the favorable side of the scoreboard at games’ end. In closing, newly acquired Small Forward Whatsstick has to come through with flying colors defensively and silence Fatstop to make sure that he can’t get going offensively. If the Pistons put together a clean game on both ends of the floor, they accomplish the winning feat.


After an up-and-down TIPOFF tournament, Kings Guard Gaming aims to find consistency as they square off with Detroit. To emerge victorious, Fatstop has to be dynamic from the field from the start of the game until the end so that Whatsstick cannot stay in front of him on the defensive side of the ball. By the same token, he must extract any misjudgments on offense if the Kings want to escape from the game unscathed. To wrap up the article, Bray needs to hit the mark on defense and restrain Ant to assure that he cannot take over the game offensively. If Fatstop puts up a plethora of points and the rest of KGG step up defensively, they conquer the opponent.


Prediction: Pistons GT defeats Kings Guard Gaming