THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T - Week 2 Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T – Week 2 Power Rankings

Another excellent week of 5v5 is in the books and with it, the Tipoff Group Stage has come to a close. With 6 games under our belt, this is a much better time to dive into power rankings, so let’s not miss a beat and get right into it!


  1. T-Wolves Gaming (6-0)
  2. Warriors Gaming Squad (5-1)
  3. Bucks Gaming (4-2)
  4. Heat Check Gaming (5-1)
  5. Knicks Gaming (4-2)

Our contenders group gets a reshuffling along with a new #1! After defeating WGS and staying undefeated, Minnesota jumps to the top. This feels right for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if WGS figured out their 3-point shooting and got back to the top spot by the end of the week. Heat Check Gaming are our new addition and for good reason. At 87.5 PPG, the have the best offense in the league and currently, one of the best of all time. Their turnover happy defense and their 3-point happy offense have dominated so far, and yes, I’m extremely proud. Shoot More Threes, kids. Bucks and Knicks keep their spot, big weeks for both of them in D.C. coming up.

Damn Good

6. Pistons GT (4-2)

7. Mavs Gaming (3-3)

8. Wizards District Gaming (4-2)

9. 76ers GC (4-2)

10. Raptors Uprising GC (4-2)

11. Cavs Legion GC (4-2)

12. Hawks Talon GC (3-3)

No real complaints with any team on this list, they are all in a great position heading into the Turn, whether they are going to D.C or not. You can see how strong the East is, 4 teams currently 4-2, but only 2 of them are actually going to D.C. to play on stage. That conference  is only going to get more brutal as desperation to avoid the Ticket sets in in a couple weeks. 

On The Bubble

  1. Nets Gaming Crew (3-3)
  2. Grizz Gaming (3-3)
  3. CLTX Gaming (2-4)
  4. Kings Guard Gaming (3-3) 
  5. Pacers Gaming (2-4)
  6. Magic Gaming (2-4)
  7. NBL Oz Gaming (1-5)
  8. Hornets Venom GT (2-4) 
  9. Jazz Gaming (2-4)

A lot of shakiness in this group, far more than I expected coming into the week. A bunch of teams putting up 0-3 weeks when they could absolutely not afford to do so. This week might’ve honestly ended a couple seasons considering how competitive both conferences are. Not to mention, we have a few more teams that with one more bad week will enter the dreaded Quadrant of Woe. I got my eyes on you NBL, Hornets, Jazz…

Quadrant of Woe

  1. Gen.G Tigers (1-5)
  2. Lakers Gaming (1-5)
  3. Blazer5 Gaming (1-5)
  4. Dux Infinitos (2-4)

Tipoff couldn’t have gone much worse for this group. Gen.G has no offense, Lakers and Blazers have no defense and Dux…39% from 3 as a team…I mean c’mon we got to do better. Season is not fully over for this group but it is teetering on the brink. Only an undefeated week could save this group, but let’s focusing on just not getting blown out first, that would help.

That does it for power rankings this week! I’m off to D.C., so I’ll see you all for our preview on Tuesday!