THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T - Matchup Predictions #1 - NBA 2K League

THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T – Matchup Predictions #1

Lakers Gaming vs T-Wolves Gaming

Lakers Gaming heads into their opening matchup of the TIPOFF tournament hoping to continue their momentum from the 3v3 portion of the season, where they walked away with the championship. To come out on top in this matchup, Dvnxsty has to be productive from the field throughout the game to keep Range at bay defensively. He must facilitate effectively and minimize his faults offensively to not allow T-Wolves Gaming to convert those shortcomings into points. Next, Krazy has to rise to the challenge and suffocate BearDaBeast on the defensive side of the ball to ensure that he cannot have his way on offense. If Dvnxsty can go shot-for-shot with BearDaBeast and Lakers Gaming creates a plethora of turnovers, they win the game.

T-Wolves Gaming prepares for war with Lakers Gaming as they look to take them down and march forward to victory. For this to occur, BearDaBeast needs to be efficient from start to finish to guarantee that Krazy has a difficult time containing him on the defensive end of the floor. Addedly, he has to dice up the defense and eliminate any offensive woes to not allow the opposition the opportunity to convert those mistakes into fast-break points. Over and above that, Range has to exceed expectations defensively and stifle Dvnxsty from finding his rhythm offensively. If  BearDaBeast scores in bunches and T-Wolves Gaming answers the call on defense, they start the 5v5 season 1-0. Can veterans Bear and Range lead the young guns to victory? Only time will tell.

Prediction:  T-Wolves Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming 


NBL Oz Gaming vs NetsGC

NBL Oz Gaming gets ready for an Eastern Conference showdown with NetsGC, hoping to escape with the victory. To start the season out on the right foot and remain undefeated, Ceez has a duty to be prolific from the field from beginning to end to ensure that Streetz cannot stay in front of him defensively. To add to this, he needs to facilitate efficaciously and do away with any and all missteps offensively to keep NetsGC from converting those lapses into transition points. In the end, Bagmotion has got to make the grade defensively and thwart Greens to prevent him from finding his groove in this game. If NBL Oz Gaming executes on both sides of the ball, they defeat NetsGC.

NetsGC laces up the gloves and fights to knock NBL Oz Gaming off track to kick off their 5v5 season. For this to come to fruition, Greens has no choice but to be explosive from the field across the game to pledge a demoralizing assignment for Bagmotion on defense. In addition to that, he is obligated to not turn the ball over to give the Nets their best chance of coming out on top. In the end, Streetz has no choice but to hit the mark defensively and smother Ceez so that he cannot get going offensively. If Greens lights up the scoreboard and NetsGC creates pandemonium defensively, they deliver the knockout blow.

Prediction:  NetsGC defeats NBL Oz Gaming


Magic Gaming vs Cavs Legion GC 

After a strong 3v3 season, Magic Gaming hopes that they can replicate the same success in 5v5. First, they look to conquer the Cavs. To overcome the opposition, Unguardable has to be potent from the field for the duration of the game to vow that TBShiftay will not be in a position to stay in front of him defensively. By the same token, he must avoid any offensive gaffes to not allow the opponent to convert those into transition points. Not to mention, Snubby has to come through with flying colors and suffocate Antoine to be assured that he will not be able to find his pace offensively. If Magic Gaming executes these things, they steal the victory.

Cavs Legion GC heads into their game vs Magic Gaming hoping to come out firing on all cylinders. To pull off the upset, Antoine needs to be methodical in all parts of the game to keep Snubby on skates defensively. In addition to what has been said, Antoine has to extract any misjudgments offensively if they want to walk away unscathed. To close out the article, TBShiftay has to hold his own and restrain Unguardable from finding his niche offensively. If the Cavs put together a clean game on offense and defense, they seal the victory.

Prediction: Magic Gaming defeats Cavs Legion GC