THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T - Matchup Predictions #3 - NBA 2K League

THE TIPOFF Powered by AT&T – Matchup Predictions #3

Warriors Gaming Squad vs Pistons GT

After a strong group play performance finishing 5-1, Warriors Gaming Squad looks to come out hot and knock off Pistons GT. To do this, CB13 needs to be productive from the field throughout the series so that Connor cannot slow him down defensively. Additionally, he needs to facilitate effectively and banish any offensive miscues to not allow the opposition the chance to convert those errors into fast-break points. Meanwhile, Kenny has to make the grade defensively and stifle Ant to ensure that he struggles to find an offensive flow.  If CB13 lights up the scoreboard and Kenny causes chaos defensively, they advance and bid farewell to the Pistons.

Pistons GT storms into their bracket play matchup versus Warriors Gaming Squad intent on sending them home. For this to come to fruition, Ant is obligated to be efficient from the field from beginning to end to guarantee that Kenny will be unable to contain him defensively. He has no choice but to dice up the defense and do away with any blunders offensively to keep the opponent from converting those mistakes into points. Lastly, Connor is compelled to thwart CB13 to make sure that he cannot have his way on offense. If Ant goes shot-for-shot with CB13 and Connor wreaks havoc defensively, Detroit eliminates the Warriors.

Prediction: Warriors Gaming Squad defeats Pistons GT

Wizards District Gaming vs Heat Check Gaming

After a good showing throughout group play, Wizards District Gaming prepares for a heavyweight fight with Heat Check Gaming, hoping to defeat them. For this to happen, Benzo must be efficacious from the field across the series to put Matty on skates on the defensive end of the floor. Furthermore, he has to extract any woes offensively to hinder HCG from converting them into transition points. In addition to that, JustAwkward has a duty to hit the mark on defense and stay in front of Ky to assure that he struggles to find his niche on offense. If the Wizards execute in all phases of the series , they take the victory.

Heat Check Gaming prepares for battle with WizDG, aiming to gain the upper hand at series’ end. For this to occur, Ky has to be dominant from the field over the course of the series to fend off Awkward defensively. To add to this, he has got to constructively facilitate and rescind any offensive slip-ups to give the Heat their best chance of winning the series. In addition to what has been said, Matty has to meet the standard defensively and suffocate Benzo to impede him from finding any offensive rhythm. If Ky scores in bunches and Matty answers the call on defense, they capture the series.

Prediction: Heat Check Gaming defeats Wizards District Gaming

T-Wolves Gaming vs Bucks Gaming

T-Wolves Gaming comes into their series versus Bucks Gaming hoping to ride the momentum from a flawless group stage where they won every single game. In order to extend their winning streak, BearDaBeast has to be dynamic from the field in all aspects of the series to warrant a demoralizing assignment for Dawsix on the defensive end. Additionally, he must void any shortcomings on offense in order for Minnesota to avoid falling into a trap scenario. Finally, Range needs to meet the challenge head-on and suppress CP from finding his pace offensively. If the Timberwolves put together a clean game on both sides of the ball, they will cruise to victory. 

Following their win-and-in thriller versus Mavs Gaming, Bucks Gaming marches into bracket play looking to pull off a major upset versus T-Wolves Gaming. To prevail with a stunning upset, CP has to be prolific from the field throughout the duration of the series to validate a grueling task for Range on defense. On top of that, he must discard any gaffes offensively if the Bucks want to sneak away with the victory. To round out the article, Dawsix has to come through with flying colors and silence BearDaBeast offensively to make sure that he can’t find his tempo. The question remains, does Milwaukee have an answer for T-Wolves Gaming’s potent offense or will they be added to the list of teams that have yet to take them down?

Prediction: T-Wolves Gaming defeats Bucks Gaming

Something to look out for in this matchup is who guards JohnnyRed for the T-Wolves. I could see them putting Range on CP, but I’m leaning more toward them putting Range on Johnny. This will be an interesting matchup to watch as the series progresses.