THE TICKET powered by AT&T Preview - NBA 2K League

THE TICKET powered by AT&T Preview

It’s a place that no team wants to be. You dread it, you have nightmares about it, you do everything in your power to avoid it…it’s time for THE TICKET. A single-elimination tournament with a spot in the Playoffs on the line. As JT says, “you’re going to learn how hot Hell really is.” Well, let’s descend into Hades, go through some tiers, and preview THE TICKET (dun, dun, duuuuuuuun).


Wait…We’re In THE TICKET?!

Knicks Gaming

Grizz Gaming

Magic Gaming

Heat Check Gaming

Pacers Gaming

Cavs Legion GC


It’s a bit of a shock to see these 5 teams in the Ticket, but let’s not let them off the hook that easily. All 5 of these teams have the TALENT to be in the playoffs, but lacked the EXECUTION to get it done. Seeing Knicks Gaming and Grizz Gaming here is especially odd considering their rosters, but THE TICKET cares not for your talent, only for your sorrows. I’d say these 5 are your “favorites” for the tournament. Magic Gaming won the spot out of the Eastern Conference last year, so while it’s disappointing to see them here again, they have as good of a chance as anyone to make it through. Heat Check Gaming will be on the opposite side of the bracket, but they’ll have to get through Knicks Gaming to even sniff the Ticket Finals. So many talented guards in this group, feels like the best one may win…if they aren’t upset first.


Well, This is Awkward

Wizards DG

Raptors Uprising GC

CLTX Gaming

DUX Infinitos


These four teams have been sitting in the same spot all season long. Just outside the Playoffs, but always a tough out. And honestly…they are again in that same situation. Tough outs, but just outside the realistic expectations to make it too deep. The weirdest thing about this is seeing Wiz DG in the Ticket after three straight years of making the Finals. I guess after losing JBM, Dayfri, and Brich, the talent drain is just a bit too much. But anyway, for THE TICKET, these are probably your long shots. I think Raptors Uprising have a nice chance to make a bit of a run, DUX Infinitos should be fun to watch as well. But all in all, these four will probably be on the outside looking in…as usual.


Down And Basically Out

Jazz Gaming

Mavs Gaming

Lakers Gaming

Hawks Talon GC

Kings Guard Gaming


*Sigh* I’m a bit tired of seeing the same teams down here over and over again. Mavs Gaming, Lakers Gaming, Hawks Talon GC, Kings Guard Gaming, nice to see you guys down here again. I hate counting teams out, but man, it’s tough to trust any of these teams to make a run. I think Mavs Gaming has a decent shot, their defense is still elite and offense can get hot at any time. Lakers Gaming have Ryan1of1, one of the better statistical players in the league, that could lead to a run. Honestly, I’d count these teams out. If they want to use that as bulletin board material, go for it. All the other material we gave them this year didn’t make anything, so can’t imagine this’ll mean too much. Bad teams stay bad, onto 2024 for these guys.


My Pick: Magic Gaming/Grizz Gaming


I’ll take the kings of THE TICKET, Magic Gaming, to take the East crown again. I think Unguardable has been on such a heater this year, he’s probably the best remaining player in THE TICKET. On the Grizz Gaming side, I think Dimez and CP will be too much for the Western Conference. Don’t be surprised if Pacers Gaming or any team that was in THE TURN making a run. A lot of these teams haven’t played for a few weeks so they are coming in cold. For the teams that played last week, they have a built-in advantage. Despite all this, I think Grizz Gaming will take the banner.