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THE TICKET Powered by AT&T Preview

Ticket Preview


Well, that was quite the week! After a 1st day of Ticket action featuring some all-time moments, we are left with just two matchups to decide which team will get our final playoff spot. In the East, it’s Nets Gaming Crew vs. Gen.G. For the West, it’s Lakers Gaming vs. Kings Guard Gaming. So much on the line, but most importantly, a chance at taking home a piece of the $900K on the line for the 5v5 playoffs. Let’s preview and predict both of our series as this exciting rendition of the Ticket comes to a close.


Eastern Conference: Nets Gaming Crew vs. Gen.G Tigers


Sometimes the basketball gods are simply on your side, and in the case of Nets GC, they got absolutely blessed. Greens’ 34’ 3-pointer to complete the comeback against Hornets Venom is one of the biggest shots in recent 2KL history and maybe the biggest shot in Ticket history if Brooklyn goes on to win the playoff spot. It’s not often that a team’s entire season comes down to one made 3, but hey, that’s what makes the 2KL great sometimes. Besides the incredible shot, Brooklyn has also seen a boost by moving OneWildWalnut back to a classic Inside Center instead of a popper. He responded in a big way with a 22.5-11.5-5 line on 21/22 shooting. Reizey also had a big day with an 18 ppg day on 8/14 3-point shooting. For Gen.G, the move of Boot to PF and Jolo to C helped realign the Gen.G defense and saw them hold their opponents to just 109 points in 2 games. They especially stifled 76ers GC who had 2 single-digit scoring quarters in their final game. So, who’s the favorite in this final East showdown? For me, I think Nets GC has the edge. The move to put Walnut back on an Inside might’ve come too late, but thankfully it was just in time. I think they ride his great form and Greens’ incredible shooting skill gets them one final shot at the big money.

Prediction: 65-58 Nets


Western Conference: Lakers Gaming vs. Kings Guard Gaming


This is truly a classic Ticket matchup. On one hand, you have the Kings. A young crew playing their best ball to close the season without a ton of big-game experience on the roster trying to make the playoffs with this group for the first time. On the other, you have Lakers Gaming. A team with sky-high expectations who have been brutally bad all season long and are hanging onto their failed season by a thread led by some of the biggest names in the league. However, whichever team wins, is given a completely new life and a shot at the big time. It’s hard to know how serious we should take Lakers Gaming, but in a one game playoff, it’s very difficult to look past their superior talent, especially with ShiftyKaii on the floor. Kings Guard have had a great season and to be honest, if they were playing any other team in the west, I think they would be the shoe-in favorites. But…I am ShiftyKaii-pilled and if he’s out there in a one-game for-it-all game, I just can’t pick against one of the best of all time. Lakers Gaming, somehow, squeaks into the playoffs.

Prediction: 70-61 Lakers


That’s it for the Ticket! I’ll have a full playoff preview for everyone next week. Enjoy the Finals everyone!