THE TICKET Powered by AT&T - Matchup Predictions #1 - NBA 2K League

THE TICKET Powered by AT&T – Matchup Predictions #1

Mavs Gaming vs Lakers Gaming


After missing bracket play in the TIPOFF and the TURN tournament, Mavs Gaming looks to salvage their 5v5 season and defeat Lakers Gaming in THE TICKET powered by AT&T. To do this, Kapp needs to be sensational from the field throughout the game to keep YooVC at bay on the defensive end of the floor. In addition, he has to dice up the defense and eliminate any wrongdoings to not allow the opponent to convert those mistakes into fast-break points. Addedly, Shotz is obligated to hold his own defensively to be certain that ShiftyKaii cannot have his way offensively. If Kapp scores consistently and the Mavs wreak havoc on defense, they win the game and live to fight another day.


As a result of a treacherous 5v5 season, Lakers Gaming marches into battle with Mavs Gaming looking to pull off the upset in THE TICKET powered by AT&T. For this to occur, ShiftyKaii has no choice but to be productive from the field over the course of the game to put Shotz on skates on the defensive side of the ball. Moreover, he must constructively facilitate and limit any and all offensive flaws to hinder the opposition from turning those woes into points. By the same token, YooVC must make the grade defensively and contain Kapp to ensure that he cannot find his stroke on offense. If ShiftyKaii collects a plethora of points and the Lakers stand tall defensively, they advance and end the Mavericks season.


Prediction: Mavs Gaming defeats Lakers Gaming 


Hawks Talon GC vs NetsGC


By virtue of a disappointing 5v5 season, Hawks Talon GC fights to keep their 5v5 season alive as they square off with NetsGC in THE TICKET. In order to emerge victorious, MDS has to be effective from the field through the duration of the game to ensure that Streetz cannot contain him defensively. Next, UnderRatedGoat is required to fulfill expectations and suffocate Greens defensively so that he cannot get going on offense. If MDS scores in bunches and Atlanta answers the call on defense, they send the Nets packing.


Following a shocking 5v5 season, NetsGC finds themselves in THE TICKET looking to start a Cinderella run. To achieve the winning feat, Greens has a duty to be efficient from the field across the game to warrant a harrowing challenge for UnderRatedGoat on the defensive end of the floor. Furthermore, he must extract any gaffes offensively to obstruct the Hawks from capitalizing off of their mistakes by turning those shortcomings into transition points. In closing, Streetz has got to hit the mark defensively and stay in front of MDS to be assured that he struggles to find his rhythm offensively. If Brooklyn checks these boxes, they eliminate Hawks Talon.


Prediction; Hawks Talon GC defeats NetsGC


Knicks Gaming vs Hornets Venom GT


Knicks Gaming storms into the ticket with dominance on their mind as they face off with a lackluster Hornets Venom GT team. To come out on the favorable side of the scoreboard at games’ end, Jyden needs to be effectual from the field through the entirety of the game to make sure that Big Saint does not have an answer for him defensively. On top of that, he needs to nullify any blunders on offense in order for the Knicks to have the strongest opportunity to obtain the convincing triumph. Not only that, Jomar needs to meet expectations and silence Mooch to confirm that he struggles to find his niche offensively. Should they do these things, New York sends Charlotte off into the sunset.


Things haven’t gone right whatsoever for Hornets Venom GT in 5v5 this season, but they have one more opportunity to right their wrongs and conquer Knicks Gaming to kick off THE TICKET powered by AT&T. To pull off the unfathomable, Mooch needs to be efficacious from the field in all aspects of the game to count on a difficult challenge for Jomar defensively. Secondly, he has no choice but to rescind all possible slip-ups to give the Hornets their best shot to reign supreme in this matchup. To end the article, Big Saint will certainly have to step up to the plate and squelch Jyden so that he struggles to find his balance offensively. If the Hornets put together a clean game, they pick up the winning achievement.


Prediction: Knicks Gaming defeats Hornets Venom GT