The Coinbase 2KL SWITCH OPEN Week 2 Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

The Coinbase 2KL SWITCH OPEN Week 2 Power Rankings

Eastern Conference

1. Wizards District Gaming – 15 points (Last Week: 1)
2. Hawks Talon GC – 11 points (LW: 2)
3. Celtics Crossover Gaming – 11 points (LW: 4)
4. 76ers GC – 9 points (LW: 3)
5. Hornets Venom GT – 8 points (LW: 6)
6. Knicks Gaming – 8 points (LW: 8)
7. NetsGC – 6 points (LW: 7)
8. Grizz Gaming – 7 points (LW: 5)
9. Heat Check Gaming – 5 points (LW: 10)
10. Raptors Uprising GC – 5 points (LW: 11)
11. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 4 points (LW: 9)
12. Magic Gaming – 2 points (LW: 12)

The Eastern Conference 3v3 picture is driven by an unreal guard class and some fantastic defenses. Dayfri, Ceez, FT, Dre, Glennratty, Malik, Jyden, BP, Sav, Fanta, OTTR, Unguardable. That isthe most recent starting PG for every team in the East. What a crazy list. The ultimate separator for all of these teams has been defense. Whether it’s an elite lock like Tayzo or Stick or a high-end PF like Just_Awkward or DT, we’ve seen a true meta form in the East. It may not be a surprising one, but it’s what we got! High-end guard play and elite defense, not bad. The Switch will tell us who the contenders are. While no 5v5 team has ever won the title after winning the Turn, that doesn’t mean it has to ring true for this tournament. We’ll know who the true contenders are after this tournament. Maybe throw Grizz Gaming in there too if they get back on the horse during seed weeks.

Western Conference

1. DUX Infinitos – 12 points (LW: 1)
2. Pacers Gaming – 11 points (LW: 2)
3. Bucks Gaming – 10 points (LW: 3)
4. Lakers Gaming – 9 points (LW: 4)
5. Pistons GT – 9 points (LW: 7)
6. Warriors Gaming Squad – 8 points (LW: 6)
7. T-Wolves Gaming – 7 points (LW: 5)
8. Cavs Legion GC – 7 points (LW: 10)
9. Jazz Gaming – 6 points (LW: 9)
10. Blazer5 Gaming – 6 points (LW: 8)
11. Kings Guard Gaming – 5 point (LW: 11)
12. Mavs Gaming – 5 point (LW: 12)

The West has been a little different. It’s feast or famine with the top teams in the conference sucking up points like a black hole. Bucks 5-1, Dux 5-1, Pacers 5-1, Warriors 5-1, Pistons 4-2, the best teams in the conference absolutely stomped on everyone else this tournament. Lakers were the only team to really slip up, going 3-3 and missing out on bracket play by one of the smallest point differential tiebreakers in league history (7 points). Outside of late runs by T-Wolves Gaming or Jazz Gaming, the best teams in the conference are sitting pretty for playoff spots already, any small run on stage will all but confirm that. The real question with come during seed week when Lakers Gaming, Pistons GT, and Warriors Gaming squad duke it out for the final 3 spots, but we’ll get there soon enough. Which West teams will stamp their ticket to the playoffs? We’ll find out this week.

Community Teams

1. Handlez – 10 points
2. Rim Runners – 2 points
3. Team Smoke – 2 points
4. Green Beans – 1 point
5. Team Clutch – 0 points
6. Ankle Breakers – 0 points
7. Dot Squad – 0 points
8. Dreamshakers – 0 points

Handlez has flown ahead of the competition. The only real question now is wondering if they are ture title contenders. They are tied for 5th in the entire league right now with 10 points, but all have coem in group stage. This will be a huge chance for them to make a real run. They are in a very difficult part of the bracket, but 76ersGC to start will be a good test for them.