SWITCH OPEN Week 3 Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

SWITCH OPEN Week 3 Power Rankings

WELL. That was a week! The 2024 Switch Open lived up to the hype and gave us an incredible closeout week to the 3v3 regular season. It had everything, elite teams dominating, sneaky runs through the lower bracket, huge upsets late in the tournament, and finally, a deserving winner that sets the stage for the playoffs. We’ll have one more power rankings before the playoffs once the steal is done, but this is about as close to a “final” ranking as possible. Let’s get into some standouts from this week!

Unguardable – A really wonderful tournament from him. Gone are the days of him playing ridiculous hero ball and trying to win games by force. Now, he feels teams out, uses his teammates, and puts together effective and efficient performances night in and night out. He hasn’t raised his already incredibly high ceiling, but he’s certainly raised his floor. There is a certain standard that you know he will give you every night and for a star player like him, that’s as important as his ceiling. He’s truly becoming the “point guard” that we always hoped he’d become.

Jboolin – I like to think that I’m a pretty hard guy to impress, especially when it comes to the NBA 2K League. Consider me wildly impressed by Jboolin. His composure for someone who has barely been in the league for 2 months is truly unique. He’s never rattled, he always plays under control, and he just seems to make the right play every single game. The highest octane games seem like a walk in the park for him, I can’t really remember a rookie wing defender like him. I remember back in Season 2, I was always impressed by TurnUpDefense and his stoic attitude in big moments. He was a major player for Minnesota when they won the title, but Jboolin has way more levels to his game. So far, he’s a wing worthy of the #3 pick.

LowkeyGodlike – I am not one to avoid using hyperbole. This should be pretty obvious at this point. So here we go, I got another one for you. LowkeyGodlike is the best 3v3 player the league has to offer. You can bring up all the guards you want, they might be better 2K players in general, but from a 3v3 perspective, I’m not sure anyone impacts games more. His off-ball movement is like an elite striker in soccer who you don’t realize has made a run in behind until the ball is already in the back of the net. He’s like a phantom who disappears and reappears at will and is constantly WIDE OPEN. It’s astonishing. No one can keep up with him. Oh yea, he’s also a PF who plays lockdown defense and is a top rebounder for his position. He now has back to back switch open titles and is going for back to back 3v3 titles. If he gets it, then we don’t have to have the GOAT conversation anymore.

Tutak/Igymo – I was going to give each their own section, but it’s really the combined tandem that makes them so good. Rookies are hit or miss usually, but the great ones always have a certain energy and vibe that propels them forward to success. Despite their quiet nature, the T-Wolves’ rookies bring that exact kind of tenacity or “fight”, as BearDaBeast would put it, that you desperately need to be a great player in this league. I think this is just the beginning for this duo. All they need is more game time and experience, and they can take Minnesota back to the very top.

BearDaBeast – Quick section on Bear, really commend him for sticking with this team. A lot of vets would demand out cause they didn’t want to play with young guys or they would complain to management to trade for their friends, but at least for now, not Bear. He has really embraced this group and is making them levels better with his leadership and IQ. It’s a fascinating experiment considering none of his teammates, to my knowledge, are even drinking age! Shout out to Bear for sticking with his franchise and holding these youngsters to a certain standard.


  1. Magic Gaming
  2. Lakers Gaming
  3. Gen.G Tigers
  4. Heat Check Gaming
  5. Pistons GT
  6. T-Wolves Gaming
  7. Grizz Gaming
  8. Nets Gaming Crew
  9. CLTX Gaming
  10. 76ers GC

We have our 10! Not too many surprises on this list really, this is a pretty good list of playoff teams. Definitely a few surprises in terms of teams that couldn’t make it considering their preseason expectations. However, Magic Gaming ending the regular season as our #1 team after being easily the  most hyped team this offseason makes us analysts feel pretty good. That team is damn good, now we see if they can live up to the title-winning expectations that we had to start the year.

You’re Telling Me There is a Chance

  1. Pacers Gaming
  2. Hawks Talon GC
  3. Jazz Gaming
  4. NBL Oz Gaming
  5. Knicks Gaming 
  6. Cavs Legion GC
  7. Raptors Uprising GC
  8. Warriors Gaming Squad 
  9. Bucks Gaming

For our steal teams, this is the group that I think have a real chance of winning. A couple of these teams have to actually hit a pretty nice stride heading into the Steal like Jazz Gaming or NBL Oz. There is so much talent in this group, it’s a real testament to just how competitive the league is nowadays. A team with JRed, Dawsix, and Dimez is 19th, the league is SO GOOD.

Quadrant of Woe

20. Blazer5 Gaming

21. Dux Infinitos

22. Wizards District Gaming

23. Mavs Gaming

24. Hornet Venom GT

25. Kings Guard Gaming

To our final Quadrant of Woe teams, I salute you. You tried crazy lineups, you never stopped searching for answers, but ultimately, it simply wasn’t enough. One more chance for this group to make a magical run through the Steal, but it might be time to start thinking about bye week plans instead.