SWITCH OPEN Bracket Play Preview #2 - NBA 2K League

SWITCH OPEN Bracket Play Preview #2

2 down, 4 to go! Switch Open Bracket Play continues into this week with a champion being crowned on Saturday. This week has a little more juice to it however, as this week will also finalize our playoff standings! We’ve already seen 2 teams sent to the Steal in Wizards DG and Blazer5 Gaming and plenty more will join them as the days go on. Our focus for this week will be the bubble teams. No teams has officially clinched yet, but Lakers, Magic, Gen.G, Heat, and Pistons are all in a safe spot. Let’s zoom in to the race for the last few playoff seeds and get into this upcoming week. 

Grizz Gaming (80 Points) – Grizz Gaming has the chance to do something really special this week. They are playing their best ball at the right time, winning 4 of their last 5 coming into a big matchup against Dux. If they win that, they get the winner of Pacers and Lakers. See what I’m getting at? Grizz have a chance to make a legendary run and cement their spot in the playoffs. It’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat, and maybe some tears, but there are very few teams in the league who can compete with LA right now. Grizz Gaming is on that list, so if they can fight their way past Dux, they are set up for something very interesting.

CLTX Gaming (80 points) – Every time I think I have a good feeling about this CLTX Gaming team, they collapse in front of my eyes. Happened during the Slam, now I’m worried it’s happening again. Their blown series against Rim Runners puts their whole season in danger, now just one loss away from locking in their point total and being very exposed to the Steal Open. A win streak through the lower bracket is a must for this team.

Pacers Gaming (70 Points) – Oh Pacers Gaming, here we go again. Indiana was in the exact same situation last season. All they had to do was win one series and they were officially in the playoffs. This year, it’s a bit more complicated, but the same general premise. They need one of Knicks Gaming or CLTX to get knocked out of the lower bracket by losing one more time. Secondly, they themselves need to win at least 2 more series to lock in their spot. The only thing they can’t do is lose 2 in a row first. Problem is, they open with Lakers Gaming. If they lose, Warriors Gaming Squad is waiting for them next. We’re rooting for you Indiana, the sports gods are giving you another chance. Don’t waste it.

Jazz Gaming (60 Points) – Jazz have officially played themselves back into playoff contention. Now just 2 wins behind the trot, a nice run through this tournament could get them the #9 or #10 seed if the tie breakers go their way. They have Raptors Uprising GC then the winner of NBL/76ers GC if they get the win so their path to the playoffs is way clearer than others. They aren’t in control of their own future yet, but they continue to win, it can flip quickly.

NBL Oz Gaming (50 Points) – Small note on NBL since I want to cover this in case they pop off. They are further down the standings than others, but they remain alive out on the fringes. They need to win about 4 rounds to make a serious run at the last couple seeds, but with how they’ve been playing, it’s possible.

That’s it for now! 4 days of high octane 3v3 action with thousands of dollars and playoff spots on the line, can’t ask for much more. We’ll keep you up to date all week on social and on broadcast, so see you guys on Wednesday night!