SWITCH OPEN Bracket Play Matchups - NBA 2K League

SWITCH OPEN Bracket Play Matchups

Isles Gaming Team vs Grizz Gaming


Isles Gaming Team storms into Bracket Play of THE SWITCH OPEN looking to solidify their spot in the NBA 2K League 3v3 Playoffs. To knock off Grizz Gaming in their upper bracket matchup and send them to the elimination bracket, Draco must be productive from the field through the entirety of the series to ensure that IcyyTheGoat can’t contain him defensively. In addition to this, he has to fruitfully facilitate and limit his shortcomings on offense to not allow Grizz Gaming more opportunities to put points on the board. Lastly, Dario has no choice but to rise to the occasion and smother Vandi on the defensive end to guarantee that he cannot find his offensive flow during the series. If Isles Gaming Team executes in all phases of this series, they will move forward in the winners bracket. Do they have what it takes to get the job done? We will find out soon.


Grizz Gaming comes into Bracket Play with all guns blazing following a 3-1 record in Group Play. Now, they set their focus on Isles Gaming Team. To claim the series victory and stay in the 3v3 Playoff picture, Vandi has no choice but to be efficient from the field over the course of the series to make sure that Dario struggles to stay in front of him on the defensive end of the floor. More than that, he needs to constructively facilitate and do away with any lapses offensively to keep the opposition from converting those turnovers into fast-break points. Next, IcyyTheGoat has to hold his own defensively and suppress Draco so that he struggles to find his niche from start to finish. If Vandi lights up the scoreboard and Grizz Gaming rises to the occasion on defense, they take the series. Will they answer the call and secure the victory? We have to wait until Thursday to find out.


Prediction: Grizz Gaming defeats Isles Gaming Team 3-2


Mavs Gaming vs Wizards District Gaming


After an up-and-down Group Stage performance, Mavs Gaming enters Bracket Play looking to come out on top vs the Wizards. For this to happen, Fanta is obligated to be effectual from the field from start to finish to keep JustAwkward at bay on defense. In addition to that, he cannot have any blunders offensively in order to keep Wizards District Gaming from converting those mistakes into points on the other end. Moreover, Dayfri has to lead the charge defensively and suffocate Benzo to be assured that he can’t get anything going on offense. If Fanta goes shot-for-shot with Benzo and the Mavs create pandemonium defensively, they steal the series victory. Can Dayfri take down his former team? That question will be answered very soon.


Thanks to a lackluster showing throughout Group Play, Wizards District Gaming looks to bounce back strongly as they head into Bracket Play needing to make a run to avoid playing in THE STEAL OPEN. To accomplish this, Benzo has to be dynamic from the field during the series to presume a demoralizing challenge for Dayfri defensively. To add to this, JustAwkward has to step up on the defensive end and subdue Fanta from finding his tempo on offense. If Benzo has his way offensively and the Wizards wreak havoc defensively, they capture the series victory. Can they start their playoff push or will they hit a roadblock?


Prediction: Wizards District Gaming defeats Mavs Gaming 3-1

Warriors Gaming Squad vs Hawks Talon GC


Following a disappointing Group Stage performance, Warriors Gaming Squad heads into their matchup versus Hawks Talon GC needing to secure the victory to gain momentum for the remainder of the tournament. To do this, CB13 has a duty to be potent from the field to keep UnderRatedGoat on his toes defensively. At the same time, he must extract any offensive mishaps in order to give the Dubs the best chance to walk away as winners at series’ end. To round out the article, Seese has to meet the standard defensively and restrain MDS from getting going over the span of the series. If CB13 scores in bunches and Warriors Gaming Squad fulfills the expectations defensively, they earn an additional ten points toward the NBA 2KL 3v3 standings.


Hawks Talon GC prepares for battle with the Warriors looking to send them packing and into the losers bracket. For this to come to fruition, MDS must be methodical from the field in all parts of the series to vow a draining chore for Seese on defense. By the same token, he has to rescind any offensive faults to give the Hawks their best shot to land the series victory. In conclusion, UnderRatedGoat must achieve the required standard and silence CB13 so that he cannot find his offensive flow in all aspects of the series. If the Hawks hit the mark in all phases during the entirety of the series, they defeat WGS and likely claim a spot in the 2024 NBA 2K League 3v3 Playoffs.


Prediction: Hawks Talon GC defeats Warriors Gaming Squad 3-1