STEAL OPEN Preview - NBA 2K League


Lakers Gaming vs Heat Check Gaming – Friday, May 5 at 7:30 p.m. ET


Lakers Gaming heads into their matchup vs Heat Check Gaming looking to build off their positive showing in the SWITCH OPEN. With only one opportunity left to salvage the 3v3 portion of the season, picking up a win here is paramount for them. To claim the victory, Duck must be able to light up the scoreboard to ensure a difficult assignment defensively for Dee. Additionally, Duck must facilitate effectively and limit his miscues offensively to give Lakers Gaming the best chance to emerge victorious. Also, Krazy must lead the charge defensively by creating turnovers and wreaking havoc to be certain the electrifying point guard in Ky is unable to find his groove. If Lakers Gaming can score in bunches and put together a sound performance defensively to suppress Ky, Lakers Gaming will find themselves surviving for another day.


After what has been an underwhelming 3v3 season thus far, Heat Check Gaming find themselves in a do-or-die situation versus Lakers Gaming to save their 3v3 season. To live to fight another day, Ky must be able to remain effective from the field so that he raises a daunting task for Krazy defensively. In addition, Ky must productively facilitate and minimize his blunders offensively. In the end, Dee must rise to the challenge on the defensive end and subdue Duck to make sure that he struggles to find an offensive rhythm throughout the series. If Ky can execute these tasks and Dee can stifle Duck throughout the series, they will find themselves starting THE STEAL OPEN out on the right foot. Can Heat Check Gaming start a Cinderella run?


Prediction: Lakers Gaming defeats Heat Check Gaming 3-2 in the best-of-five series 


Hornets Venom GT vs Hawks Talon GC – Friday, May 5 at 8:15 p.m. ET


After a 3v3 season of underperforming, Hornets Venom GT heads into their first matchup of the STEAL OPEN versus Hawks Talon GC hoping to keep their 3v3 playoff dreams alive. To pull off the upset, Bojui has to find persistent success from beyond the arc to give Gradient a back-breaking challenge defensively. Moreover, Bouji must limit his lapses offensively to avoid allowing Hawks Talon GC extra opportunities to put points on the board. Lastly, Rigby must rise to the occasion and smother Ceez to limit his effectiveness from the field. If Bouj can rack up points throughout the series and Rigby can create chaos defensively, while limiting Ceez’s productivity, Hornets Venom GT puts themselves in a favorable position to win the series.


After a hot start to the 2023 3v3 season, Hawks Talon GC finds themselves trying to rescue what’s left of the 3v3 season and earn the last playoff spot. To start the STEAL OPEN strong, Ceez has to be able to make it rain from three-point range to be certain that it is an unnerving time for Rigby to contain him on the defensive end. Next, Ceez has to limit his slip-ups on the offensive side of the ball for Hawks Talon GC to walk away from this series in a clean fashion. To wrap up, Gradient has to stay in front of Bouji throughout the series and cause an uproar by creating turnovers so that he is unable to find his groove offensively. If Ceez can catch fire from downtown, while limiting his lapses and Gradient can lead the charge and cause pandemonium defensively, Hawks Talon GC walks away with the win.


Prediction: Hawks Talon GC defeats Hornets Venom GT 3-0 in the best-of- five series 


Raptors Uprising GC vs Magic Gaming – Friday, May 5 at 6 p.m. ET


After a disheartening 3v3 season to this point, Raptors GC has a single chance left to lace up the gloves and fight to keep their 3v3 season alive versus Magic Gaming. For this to happen, Mooch must remain proficient from the field throughout to make Matty’s job of containing him strenuous on the defensive end. To add on, Mooch must also constructively facilitate and limit his flaws on offense. Additionally, Haam has to take it upon himself to measure up to the task of slowing down Unguardable by running him off of the three-point line and creating pressure defensively. If Haam can create a frenzy of miscues to restrict Unguardable’s effectiveness, and Mooch can put together a stellar offensive series, Raptors Uprising GC will end Magic Gaming’s playoff hopes.


After a disappointing 3v3 season up to now, Magic Gaming still earns the right to square off with Raptors Uprising GC to try to keep their 3v3 season moving forward. To pull off the unexpected upset and move forward, Unguardable needs to go shot-for-shot with Mooch to keep Haam on his toes defensively and limit his offensive missteps throughout the series to gain an advantage at the series end. Additionally Matty must stand up to the challenge of containing Mooch by generating turnovers to keep the high-volume guard at bay. If Unguardable can find constant success from the field and Matty can cause reoccurring commotion defensively, while limiting Mooch’s efficiency, Magic Gaming will close the chapter of Raptors Uprising GC’s 3v3 season.


Prediction: Raptors Uprising GC defeats Magic Gaming 3-1 in the best-of-five series