STEAL OPEN Preview - NBA 2K League


Party time! Two spots remain open for the NBA 2K League 3v3 playoffs and what better way to decide them than a 2-day, single-elimination, chaos filled showdown. The Steal Open is the 3v3 version of The Ticket, but it’s definitely had a different air to it the past 2 seasons. First off, a lot of these teams are just straight bad and will get swept round 1, let’s not beat around the bush here. Secondly, even with that, this tournament has way more variance and it’s far more likely that a time nobody expects to win actually gets one of the two spots. There really is no in between and that’s why it’s so much fun. We’ve got 15 teams, so let’s give a good and a bad for each then I’ll pick my winner at the end.

Hawks Talon GC

Good: Led 2KL in RPG (5.4)

Bad: Lowest Team 3P% in 2KL (42.1%)

We’ve done a lot of Hawks talk this year, so you know the deal with this team. Inside big = chuck up shots to get advantageous offensive rebounds. Bad news is, the math doesn’t work when you miss almost 60% of your shots! Hawks simply have to hit more open looks, or it’s curtains for them.

Jazz Gaming

2nd Best Defense in Steal Open (19.1 Opp. PPG)

21st in Opp. 3P% (56.0%)

Jazz have been very Jeckle and Hyde this year and it shows in their stats. Their resting defense is pretty good, but man do they give up a ton of open 3s. If they have even a slight down tick in their offense, other teams attack immediately with a flurry of 3s and leave Utah in the dust. Perimeter defense is the key for them.

Knicks Gaming

5th in Opp. FG%

20th in Team 3P%

A classic case of the yips. For some reason, this team just cannot shoot consistently. Shocking since they have a great roster and a very good defense, but they’ve lost their ability to punish the other team’s mistakes, a hallmark of Knicks Gaming over the past few seasons

Pacers Gaming

Best Offense in Steal Open (19.6 ppg)

1-3 in elimination series

Pacers Gaming are the best team in the Steal Open. I say that with a lot of confidence. However, there is a reason they are in the Steal. They have been brutal this year in the biggest games and for the 2nd straight year, that is the sole reason they aren’t in the  playoffs. They have a ton of talent, great stats, but 0 clutch gene. Shocking again since they acquired Cooks this offseason, but he’s now caught the same bug. Please Pacers, don’t blow this again.

Bucks Gaming

Best Defense in Steal Open (18.9)

2-6 vs. Teams with >.500 record

Bucks are the enigma team of the Steal Open. Are they good? Are they bad? Were they really just missing Dimez? I  have no clue. What I do know is that they simply were not good enough against the best teams and it cost them dearly. Luckily, not a lot of over .500 teams in the steal, so this might be the perfect chance for them to make a run.

Cavs Legion GC

2nd in 2KL in Opp. TOV (104)

20th in Team 3P% (46.5%)

I’ve spent enough time on the Cavs. Hit some 3s! Please! I beg you!

Raptors Uprising GC

Top 10 in Team FG%

Fewest Games with Same Lineup in 2KL 

The Raptors would be an enigma if they were just more interesting. All the lineup changes have made this team impossible to follow and even more impossible to predict outcomes for. I say they win a round or 2, but that’s probably it? AntoineLove could hit a heater though, never know.

NBL OZ Gaming

Finished Switch Open 3-1

21st in Team 3P% (42.9%)

I just keep waiting for this team to really pop off and I’m just not sure it’s going to happen. They had a great Switch group stage but that’s about all the positives you can take from their recent play. They can hit a hot streak, but I feel like I’ve been waiting for the same streak all year

Warriors Gaming Squad

Elite Roster, Found Best Lineup

T-23rd in Opp. PPG (20.0)

I think they’ve finally figured out their best lineup, but I’m not sure it’ll be enough. They score pretty well, but their defense has been a nightmare regardless of who’s been out there. Still, it’s hard for me to doubt a lineup of Mama, Kenny, and Seese…if that’s even what they put out there. I guess the fact we aren’t sure is why they are in the Steal in the first place.

Hornets Venom GT

TreyDollaz: 9.7 ppg, 71.6 FG%

Worst Defense in 2KL (20.2)

Just…wow. After all the talk and the hype, here we are again. Back to back seasons with the worst point differential in the entire game mode. They need a miracle to get out of this tournament, but even that might not be enough. 

Wizards District Gaming

5th in Opp. 3PM (150)

21st in PPG (18.6)

I’m still very lost as to why this team took Benzo off PG with their 3v3 season on the line. He’s  been by far their best player, but I guess with backs against the well, might as well try some crazy stuff. Anyway, the benzo-awkward-newdini lineup is still their best and I think hoping it gets them over the edge isn’t a fool’s errand. Still a solid group, but let’s see if they finally hit their potential.

Blazer5 Gaming

4th in Total Turnovers (57)

25th in Opp. 3P% (59.6%)

Last year, they came, they saw, and they conquered. However, last year they also had Jomar. This year, they’ve tried 3 different players at lock and their last lineup attempt had Claude on the bench. The exact issues they had during the draft have officially come to a head, so I’m not too optimistic. Still, I think a hot streak from Claude could get this team pretty deep.

DUX Infinitos

Wins over MGG, and NGC during Switch

4-9 Record in 2024

Not every day you see the reigning champions in the last chance tournament the next year. Also not every day a championship team trades everyone away the next offseason! Anyway, this team is fine, but still insane how quickly things can change.

Kings Guard Gaming

Wins over HCG, WGS in Switch Open

22nd in PPG (18.5)

Look, at least they didn’t leave the season with nothing. Couple nice wins and a little momentum for 5v5 is all they could’ve really asked for this season. It would be the stuff of legends if they win.

Mavs Gaming

3rd in Team FG% (73.1%)

2nd Worst Point Diff. in 2KL (-0.9)

Pound for pound, they have been a bottom 4 team in 3v3 all season and it’s been a pretty big disappointment. You’d figure that Dayfri = winning, but it’s clear that you need more than that now in this insanely competitive league we have. Good luck to Dallas, they’re going to need some.