STEAL OPEN Matchup Preview - NBA 2K League

STEAL OPEN Matchup Preview

Cavs Legion GC vs Hornets Venom GT


Due to an underwhelming 3v3 season to this point, Cavs Legion GC barges into the STEAL OPEN hoping to salvage what’s left and sneak their way into the playoffs. To win this series and advance to the next round, Killeyy must be efficient from the field over the course of the series to keep FlukeLock on his toes defensively. Addedly, he needs to constructively facilitate and limit his turnovers to not allow the opposition to convert those errors into points on the other end. In the end, TBShiftay is obligated to rise to the occasion on defense and smother TreyDollaz to ensure that he struggles to find his stroke on the offensive end. If Killeyy and the rest of Cavs Legion GC can knock down their shots offensively and answer the call on the defensive end of the floor, they end the Hornets 3v3 season.


After a promising start to the season, it has been a downhill slide ever since for Hornets Venom GT. Now, they head into THE STEAL looking to knock off the Cavs and send them packing. For this to occur, TreyDollaz has no choice but to be dynamic from the field from beginning to end to keep TBShiftay at bay on the defensive side of the ball. Moreover, he has to dice up the defense and eliminate any blunders on offense to keep the opponent from converting those lapses into transition points. Lastly, FlukeLock needs to come through with flying colors defensively and squelch Killeyy on offense to ensure that he struggles to find his tempo. If Hornets Venom GT executes in all phases of the series, they nab the win.


Prediction: Hornets Venom GT defeats Cavs Legion GC 3-1


Pacers Gaming vs Dux Infinitos


After a disappointing end to the SWITCH OPEN, Pacers Gaming storms into THE STEAL needing to win this series or they will see their 3v3 season come to an end. To take the series and march on forward, Cooks has a duty to be productive from the field through the duration of the series so that Gazulli cannot stay in front of him on defense. Additionally, he has to effectively facilitate and extract any offensive woes to hinder Dux Infinitos from converting those mishaps into fast-break points. Next, SubGoated needs to meet the expectations on the defensive end of the floor and suppress Ryan1of1 from finding his niche on offense. If Cooks can light up the scoreboard and the Pacers wreak havoc defensively, they claim the series victory.


Dux Infinitos prepares to lace up the gloves for their upcoming series vs Pacers Gaming hoping to keep their 3v3 season going with a win. For this to happen, Ryan1of1 needs to be potent from the field across the series to keep SubGoated on skates defensively. Over and above that, he has to limit his woes offensively to give Dux their best chance of coming out on top. In closing, Gazulli has to meet the required standard and contain Cooks so that he can’t have his way offensively. If they can put together a clean game on both sides of the ball, they pull off the upset and keep their season alive.


Prediction: Pacers Gaming defeats Dux Infinitos 3-1


Hawks Talon GC vs Blazer5 Gaming


Hawks Talon GC heads into the STEAL OPEN with their backs against the wall with the hopes of defeating Blazer5 Gaming. To make this happen, MDS has to be efficacious from the field through the entirety of the series so that Faiz cannot contain him on the defensive end of the floor. More than that, he has to limit his offensive shortcomings to give them their best chance of acquiring the series victory. By the same token, UnderRatedGoat has to rise to the challenge and stifle YouBots so that he can’t find his flow on offense. If MDS scores in bunches while taking smart shots down the stretch and UnderratedGoat silences YouBots offensively, the Hawks put the Blazers 3v3 season to rest.


As a result of a dreadful 3v3 season to this point, Blazer5 Gaming has one opportunity remaining to make the most of it to keep themselves alive and make a miracle run. To pull off the unfathomable and capture the win, YouBots has to be proficient from the field in all aspects of the series so that UnderRatedGoat is unable to keep him in check defensively. To add to this he has to limit his offensive wrongdoings in order to give Blazer5 their best opportunity to gain the upper hand at the conclusion of the series. Lastly, Faiz needs to hit the mark defensively and restrain MDS on the offensive end so that he struggles to get going. If Blazer5 Gaming executes on both sides of the ball, they pull off the stunning upset and continue in the tournament. Could this be the start of a Cinderella run?


Prediction: Hawks Talon GC defeats Blazer5 Gaming 3-0