Series Recap: Knicks Gaming Vs WizardsDG - NBA 2K League

Series Recap: Knicks Gaming Vs WizardsDG

Knicks Gaming
PG: Radiant
SG: Malik
SF: Stick
PF: Kerry
C: Glo

Wizards District Gaming
PG: Kapp
SG: BRich
SF: Awkward
PF: Newdini
C: Dayfri

Game One: Knicks Gaming defeats Wizards District Gaming 68-56
Game Two: Wizards District Gaming defeats Knicks Gaming 57-50
Game Three: Wizards District Gaming defeats Knicks Gaming 68-55

Keys To The Series
In game one, Malik was exceptional from start to finish in this game as Awkward and BRich struggled to contain him throughout the game. He accumulated 37 points shooting an effective 57% from the field, leading Knicks Gaming to the game one victory. Defensively, Stick did a phenomenal job wreaking havoc, limiting Kapp to a dreadful 35% from the field.

In game two, BRich paved the way for a Wizards District Gaming victory, gathering 21 points, shooting an extraordinary 88% from the field as Knicks Gaming struggled to find an answer on the defensive end. Defensively, he did a fantastic job taking Malik out of the game. He shot a 28% from the field as he struggled to find offensive consistency throughout. Radiant was effective from the field for Knicks Gaming throughout game two as Awkward struggled to stay in front of him at times. He assembled 22 points, shooting 53% from the field, but periods of stagnant offense and turnovers cost Knicks Gaming in game two.

Kapp came out firing on all cylinders in game three, accumulating 19 points, shooting an above average 58% from the field as Stick was unable to enclose him defensively at times. He also did a fantastic job limiting his turnovers, leading Wizards District Gaming to the victory.

Radiant was productive from the field in game three, picking up 18 points, shooting a great 77% from the field, but ultimately it wasn’t enough as offensive woes continued to plague Knicks Gaming with Malik shooting a horrible 30% from the field . After allowing Wizards District Gaming to outscore them 20 to 9 in the first quarter, Knicks Gaming was never able to find their footing, falling to Wizards District Gaming. In disappointing fashion, this loss ended their season