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Season 3 Draft Needs For Each Team

The NBA 2K League Draft delivered by Panera is Saturday, Feb. 22 at 6PM ET (Twitch/YouTube). Before teams finalize their 2020 rosters, here’s a look at what teams may be targeting.

76ers GC: Lock to replace Newdini, 6th man
Replacing Newdini is no easy feat. Two-year pros that can play multiple positions while being a positive influence on a team don’t grow on trees, so Coach Jeff Terrell has a real challenge on his hands. Their first pick doesn’t come until the 3rd round, so who they end up with will be determined by whoever is left on the board. Maintaining the chemistry they had last season will also be paramount for both of their selections.

Blazer5 Gaming: G, PF
Blazer5 made a big move this offseason, trading their 1st round pick to Heat Check Gaming for Majes7ic in hopes that he will be the shooter they needed last season next to Season 2 MVP Mama Im Dat Man. With that role filled, they can turn their attention towards replacing TooxCool at PF. They could very well pick him back up as he was and elite pick-and-roll defender in Season 2 or bring in a fresh face to that role. Also, don’t be surprised if they target a guard for their 6th man spot.

Bucks Gaming: PG, Lock, PF/C
The Bucks really need a PG. They already have two All-NBA2K League players in Arooks and Plondo, so an elite PG at pick #13 could put them over the edge offensively, but they could call an audible and pick a wing defender or PF. A sneaky important need for Bucks Gaming is the other big man spot who can play with Plondo. They tried both BigMeek and RSG last season and neither could find consistent production on both ends of the floor.

Cavs Legion GC: 6th man
After acquiring Doza and bringing Strainer back into the fold, the Cavs Legion starting lineup appears set. They still need a 6th man and, as with Blazer5 Gaming, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they went with a sleeper PG in the 4th round to give themselves multiple players that can serve as a primary ballhandler.

CLTX Gaming: 6th man
Similar to Cavs Legion, the starting 5 appears locked up tight after acquiring MOAM to play Sharp. Fab has been very vocal on Twitter about the quality of 6th man that they are looking for, so they could really go any direction.

Gen.G: Everything except a Lock
They already have Turnupdefense from the Expansion Draft, so it’s up to 1st-year coach Len Griffey to fill out the rest of the roster. It’ll be fascinating to see how the league’s first international franchise approaches the draft, especially with four starting spots up for grabs. 

Grizz Gaming: Sharp, PF, 6th man
Their top four is set with Vandi, DDouble, Goofy and AA and what remains are two of the most intriguing open roster spots in the league. For this talented Grizz Gaming team, hitting on these picks could make them a legit title contender. Head Coach Lang Whitaker already made a thrilling move by acquiring Goofy from Knicks Gaming, so it would come to nobody’s surprise if he has more tricks up his sleeve for the Draft.

Hawks Talon GC: Everything except PG
With BP in tow, Hawks Talon GC now get the fun challenge of building a team around one of the best, yet most ball-dominant players in the league. This will not be your typical 2K League team, as building around Bp’s style presents a different strategy. Expect Coach Wes to fill out his team with knockdown shooters and perimeter defenders to play off of Bp, but no matter who they pick, this will be a fascinating experiment to watch in Season 3.

Heat Check Gaming: Everything except C
GM FamousEnough is starting over with Hotshot and has two 1st round picks (No. 8, No. 13). Chemistry will be a huge focus for them this season after not replicating the success of Season 1 — where they made the Finals — in Season 2. With one of the most versatile big men the league as the centerpiece (no pun intended), Heat Check Gaming is in a prime spot to rebuild the roster and make another title run. 

Hornets Venom GT: Everything except C
With three 1st round picks and a high 2nd rounder, Hornets Venom are primed to draft a great team. Type is a perfect defensive anchor for them to build around and Charlotte seems eager to pair him with an elite lock to establish their defensive DNA. They have picks at No. 6, No. 18 and No. 19, so they could potentially come out of the 1st round with a franchise PG, an elite wing, and a big man to play next to Type.

Jazz Gaming: PG, PF, 6th man
Yeah I Compete is moving off of PG this year, so expect Jazz Gaming to draft one at some point. They also need to find a replacement for Season 2 surprise Gliz, who became one of the better shooting PFs in the league. Their top three of Compete, Lotty, and Ria oozes potential, so the right PG could cement them as a contender.

Kings Guard Gaming: PG, Lock, Center, 6th man
Bp was shipped off to Atlanta, leaving KGG with BallLikeSeem, Yusuf_Scarbz and and Dat Boy Shotz as one of the better 3-man cores for Season 3. However, no one is sure right now where Dat Boy Shotz is playing, so the exact positions they want to draft are a bit of a mystery. One spot that isn’t up for debate is their open spot at PG. With two first-round picks and an opportunity to draft their 6th man at pick #26 in the second round, they are going to get one of the better floor generals in the class to set-up a potentially lethal starting 5 for Season 3.

Knicks Gaming: PG, Lock, C, 6th man
Knicks Gaming now has zero players remaining from their Season 1 title run. They’ve given themselves a clean slate to build around OriginalMalik and HazzaHurst after trading Goofy to Memphis. With two first-round picks at No. 2 and No. 15 overall, they can fill their open PG spot and find their replacement for Goo in one fell swoop. Where they decide to play Hazza will determine if they need a lock or PF, but lucky for them, both positions are very deep this year.

Lakers Gaming: PG, PF, 6th man
Lakers Gaming is in an interesting spot. They are returning Mootyy, Vert and Kev for Season 3, but missed out on a top 5 pick despite having the second-worst record in the league last season. Picking at No. 7 doesn’t take them out of the running for an elite PG, but it certainly doesn’t help their chances. Regardless, a high-end PG is what this team needs and with Insanity coming in as the Head Coach, he’s going to grab whoever he can. For the rest of the draft, Vert is the keystone. No one is sure where he is going to play this season, perhaps the team is waiting to see how the draft plays out to decide as well.

Magic Gaming: Sharp, 6th man
The Magic Gaming top four is set with Reizey, Tox, DT and May, but an open spot remains for a very talented sharpshooter. With their first pick coming in the middle of the 2nd round, there should be plenty of talent available for Coach Jonah Edwards to pick from.

Mavs Gaming: PF, 6th man
Mavs Gaming only have one open spot left in their starting 5, but filling it will present some challenges. Dimez, Sherm, Mo and PeteBeBallin return from Season 2, but without Rux, they have a huge hole to fill at PF. Their first pick doesn’t come until No. 39 overall so they’ll likely miss out on the Tier 1 guys. The Tier 2 prospects could be gone as well if there is a run on PFs in the middle of the 2nd round where teams like Bucks Gaming (No. 33), Knicks Gaming (No. 36), and Wizards DG (No. 37) are picking. Coach LT and Assistant Coach Lance Session did a masterful job piecing together last year’s team at the Draft, so they deserve the benefit of the doubt heading into the Season 3 draft.

Nets GC: PG, Lock, PF, 6th man
Nets GC face an intriguing Draft day. They brought back Wavy and Shuttles and sent a first round pick to Atlanta for Rando to give themselves a core to build around. Their pick at No. 9 overall, however, will tell you what their plans are with Wavy at PG. They could very well draft a lock and call it a round, but there might be a PG talent that is just too good to pass up. They need a wing defender and a PF to play next to Shuttles along with a 6th man, so Nets GC are definitely a team to watch on Saturday.

Pacers Gaming: PG, PF, 6th man
All signs point to Head Coach Cody Parrent drafting a PG at No. 4. He made that very clear during his and NateKahl’s interview with and it would be surprise if he went a different route. Losing Ramo will be hard to replace, but being able to pick up a franchise player at No. 4 overall to pair with Swizurk, Wolf and NateKahl is about as good as you could do.

Pistons GT: PF, 6th man, Lock?
Talk about a rebuild on the fly. GM Adam Rubin used this offseason to clean up his roster by acquiring (or re-acquiring) Ramo to man the frontcourt and Demon JT to play PG. With DevGoss and Joseph also in tow, the Pistons can go any direction they want. They will likely look to target a big man who can play next to Ramo if they feel he and Joseph’s play styles clash too much or they could target a lock to finish out their starting 5 early in the draft.

Raptors Uprising GC: Sharp, Lock, PF
It appears KennyGotWork will be the full-time PG this year, so the Raptors already have arguably the two most important positions set for Season 3 with Sickx973 manning the Center spot. This should allow them to select an elite wing with their first pick at No. 11. Whether it’s a sharp or lock, they will have most of their starting 5 locked up by pick No. 27 allowing them to potentially snag a PF at No. 42 overall.

T-Wolves Gaming: Lock, 6th man
Turnupdefense is gone, so T-Wolves Gaming is likely looking to replace him at lock. With four of the five starters from their title team returning, they can solidify one of the best lineups in the league if they nail their pick at No. 22 overall.  followTHEGOD and Trapx214 both play lock and qualified for the Draft from their tourney, so keep an eye on them. Also their new 6th man has a lot to live up to after NachoTraynor left to be a part of the Hornets Venom front office.

Warriors Gaming Squad: Big, 6th man
Warriors Gaming Squad is a team with options. Logic could suggest they will draft a Center to replace Type, but they could also go best player available and move Jin to Center if needed. CB13, Bsmoove and Gradient are locked into their starting spots already and with Jin being as versatile as he is, the Warriors could get a bit creative during the Draft. 

Wizards District Gaming: PG, Lock, PF, 6th man
This is the first time in three seasons there isn’t a consensus No. 1 overall pick heading into the Draft. There are multiple PGs that they could take, but them drafting Crushy at No. 1 overall is an option can’t be ignored. What they do at No. 1 will obviously set-up the rest of their Draft, but their positions of need all line up at the deepest areas of the draft class. They should walk away from the Draft with a really solid starting 5, regardless of who they start off the draft with.