Season 2 MVP Mama Im Dat Man Traded to Kings Guard Gaming Blockbuster Trade - NBA 2K League

Season 2 MVP Mama Im Dat Man Traded to Kings Guard Gaming Blockbuster Trade

The Season 4 offseason has arrived in earth-shaking fashion!

In one of the biggest deals in NBA 2K League history, Blazer5 Gaming has traded Season 2 MVP Mama Im Dat Man and G/F OOC Slim to Kings Guard Gaming for PG Bash and PF/C Dat Boy Shotz.

This is a monumental trade that signals the end for the incredible PG/C duo of Mama and Season 1 MVP OneWildWalnut, but allows Blazer5 Gaming to rebuild on the fly with Bash at PG and bringing Dat Boy Shotz back to his Season 1 home.

What This Means for Blazer5 Gaming:

Trading a player of Mama Im Dat Man’s caliber is a huge risk, but the return package is substantial. Bash proved last season that he belongs in the league and performed quite well all season long on a Kings Guard Gaming team that relied on him heavily for offense. Filling Mama’s shoes is a tough ask, but keeping him on the West Coast is a great idea. He’s not the pick-and-roll master that Mama is, but he can shoot at a decent clip and has a good feel for moving the ball. On the flip side, reuniting OneWildWalnut and Dat Boy Shotz can never be considered a bad idea. They were an excellent pairing in Season 1 and remain close friends to this day. Shotz is simply one of the best all-around players the league has to offer and proved this year that he can defend as well as any big in the league. Trading Mama Im Dat Man is not something that can be taken lightly. He’s unquestionably one of the best 2K players in the world and has been the face of this team the past two seasons and one of the faces of the league as well. It’s a risky deal, but their difficulties in the playoffs and tournaments the past three seasons have not gone unnoticed. We’ll see if this can give the team a spark going into next season. With Mama being traded, you have to wonder if a full rebuild is coming. Perhaps a Walnut trade is coming down the pipe at some point as well, but it’s still too early to know.

What This Means for Kings Guard Gaming:

Losing Bash and Dat Boy Shotz leaves a void as both had great seasons and helped lead an extremely good Kings Guard Gaming team. On the flip side, they now have a former league MVP in Mama Im Dat Man. Wow. This sets up a potentially dominant core three of Mama, Crush and Yusuf_Scarbz. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better core anywhere in the league — those guys are arguably top three players at their respective positions. Whether it was moving BP for Shotz and the No. 3 overall pick last season or finding a way to get Mama while keeping Crush, Kings Guard Gaming have made some incredible roster moves over the past two seasons. Not only did they bring in a talent like Mama, but you’d have to imagine he’s going to be more motivated than ever to prove that he can lead a team to a title. He’s an incredibly passionate player and this is only going to push him even harder.