Power Rankings- Week 15 - NBA 2K League

Power Rankings- Week 15

Eastern Conference

1. Wizards District Gaming – 16 points (Last Week: 1)
2. Celtics Crossover Gaming – 13 points (LW: 3)
3. Hawks Talon GC – 11 points (LW: 2)
4. 76ers GC – 9 points (LW: 4)
5. Knicks Gaming – 8 points (LW: 6)
6. Hornets Venom GT – 8 points (LW: 5)
7. NetsGC – 7 points (LW: 7)
8. Grizz Gaming – 7 points (LW: 8)
9. Heat Check Gaming – 5 points (LW: 9)
10. Raptors Uprising GC – 5 points (LW: 10)
11. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 4 points (LW: 11)
12. Magic Gaming – 2 points (LW: 12)

Not a ton changed in the Eastern Conference between our last rankings and the Switch bracket play. Wizards District Gaming is still the best 3v3 team in this conference, the rest have a lot of talent yet remain very unproven on stage. CLTX made a nice run, but were overwhelmed by a Pacers Gaming team that is just in a different class right now. Hawks Talon GC and 76ers GC are going to be interesting challengers, but my eye drifts to Knicks Gaming most of all. I wonder what they will do with Malik and Radiant seeing as both have played in every available game in 3v3 this year. Radiant led Pistons GT alongside Ramo and charger to the Switch FInals, so I wonder how Knicks Gaming is going to play this. Can’t count out NetsGC as a darkhorse either. Jyden is a real threat to get hot and make a playoff run similar to Choc in the 5v5 playoffs last year. Different game modes sure, but you catch my drift. I’m interested to see if any of these teams can be the Wiz in a 3v3 playoff, we’ll certainly find out in a few weeks!

Western Conference

1. Pacers Gaming – 17 points (LW: 2)
2. DUX Infinitos – 12 points (LW: 1)
3. Bucks Gaming – 11 points (LW: 3)
4. Lakers Gaming – 9 points (LW: 4)
5. Pistons GT – 12 points (LW: 5)
6. Cavs Legion GC – 8 points (LW: 8)
7. Warriors Gaming Squad – 8 points (LW: 6)
8. T-Wolves Gaming – 7 points (LW: 7)
9. Jazz Gaming – 7 points (LW: 9)
10. Blazer5 Gaming – 6 points (LW: 10)
11. Kings Guard Gaming – 5 point (LW: 11)
12. Mavs Gaming – 5 point (LW: 12)

It’s now Pacers Gaming’s conference to lose. One of the greatest tournament runs in league history has Pacers Gaming in the driver’s seat to win the league’s first ever 3v3 title. They almost went undefeated in the entire bracket stage portion of the tournament, dropping just 1 game in the Finals thanks to an untimely caster’s jinx from yours truly (sorry about that Indiana.) Dux Infinitos stands to be the biggest threat to them, despite their inability to beat Wizards District Gaming. They both play a more classic 3v3 style and Dux Infinitos has dominated teams when they’ve run those lineups, so a matchup between those two teams seems inevitable at this point. Pistons GT would be higher, but until we see how they play with Ant now that Radiant is in NYC, it’s hard to put them in the same tier as the other top teams in the West. I’ll happily be proved wrong, but let’s see it first. Cavs Legion GC and Warriors Gaming Squad remain the darkhorses in this conference. Both have the talent to make a late run and shake things up, so watch for them to change the complexion of this conference during our seed weeks. Still…Pacers Gaming seems to be sitting awfully high up on their throne.