Post TIPOFF powered by AT&T Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

Post TIPOFF powered by AT&T Power Rankings

Time to update the Power Rankings! Full disclosure, I will be holding stage gameplay in higher regard than remote. That’s where the money is made, so that’s what gets priority! We’ll do small blurbs for the top 4 since we saw them play the most this week. Also, check the bottom for a very preliminary 3v3 ranking. It’s a bit of an “informed swing into the dark”, so use it more as a general idea of who might be good than a true rulebook to follow.

Western Conference
1. T-Wolves Gaming – 9 points (Last Week: 5)

The league is a better place when T-Wolves Gaming is firing on all cylinders. Great tournament for them to rid themselves of the playoff demons from Season 4. Kaii looked great on stage and showed some great growth with some visibly better chemistry with his teammates. Shoutout to TBShiftay also. Big trade this offseason for him, coming into a difficult situation replacing BigSaint and not only filling in the shoes of his great play, but he really brought the energy on stage.

2. Lakers Gaming – 6 points (Last Week: 3)

Lakers Gaming look really, really good…but they also got the loss they needed. Teams that go on runs like that in this league usually ride a hot hand or two. Lakers Gaming definitely did with Krazy and ReeseDaGod playing at the peak of their powers all week. But, the good news is, the loss gave them some very fixable coaching moments, especially on offense. I think their defense has the potential to be top 3-5 in this league across a whole season, their ability to lock in and suffocate teams for full halves of play at a time is really rare. Offensively, they need to keep developing chemistry and trust. Bear, Kaii, and Slaughter are going on year 2 together. Regg, Reese, and Krazy are on month 2. It was pretty visible. They’ll be back, very fun addition to an already incredibly talented Western Conference.

3. Jazz Gaming – 5 points (Last Week: 1)

Sometimes there are big nagging issues on your team and sometimes you get caught off-guard in a best-of-one and you play down to your opponent. We can be reasonable here. Jazz Gaming is still incredibly good and will be a major factor all season long. Their defense definitely has some holes to fix, but I didn’t see anything season-ending. They are still easily in the conversation as title contenders.

4. Warriors Gaming Squad – 5 points (Last Week: 2)

Same thing with the Warriors GS as with Jazz Gaming. Lakers Gaming are really good and I think that best-of-three series could’ve gone either way if a few things had happened differently. I think their loss just goes to show how good this conference is. There are no easy series, everything will be a battle. This top 4 in the West is as good as any top 4 in league HISTORY, maybe even the best ever. They are going to duke it out all year.

5. Mavs Gaming – 3 points (Last Week: 8)

Mavs Gaming is the quintessential “young team.” At their best, they can take down anyone in any game. At their worst, you wonder how they got where they did. Their win against Jazz Gaming was very impressive, they shot and made a ton of 3s and played some timely defense down the stretch. They then proceeded to get torn apart from a Hall-of-Fame level BearDaBeast. They are a solid bunch, but it’s hard for me to include them in the list of true contenders yet.

6. DUX Infinitos – 4 points (Last Week: 4)
7. Bucks Gaming – 3 points (Last Week: 7)
8. Pistons GT – 2 points (Last Week: 6)
9. Kings Guard Gaming – 1 point (Last Week: 9)
10. Pacers Gaming – 1 point (Last Week: 10)
11. Blazer5 Gaming – 1 point (Last Week: 11)
12. Cavs Legion GC – 0 points (Last Week: 12)

Eastern Conference
1. 76ers GC – 5 points (Last Week: 5)

Is anyone else going to point out how ridiculous it is that Jeff Terrell has coached four DIFFERENT TEAMS to the TIPOFF powered by AT&T Finals?! We’ve only had five of these suckers and he’s been in the Finals of four of them?! 4! Out of five! 80%! Ridiculous stuff. Fun run to the Finals for them, but I’m sure Jeff is also very tired of losing to T-Wolves Gaming. We’ll see what adjustments they make going forward, the rest of the East is about to do the same and now 76ers GC is the team to beat.

2. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai – 6 points (Last Week: 1)

People are grilling this team for losing despite being the favorites, and I really can’t understand why. Like yea, they lost as the 1 seed, but I don’t think they played poorly. They executed in a 4th quarter restart vs. Grizz Gaming and won calmly. They won game 1 against 76ers GC with no real issues. Game 2 got away from them in the 2nd half and Game 3 was just a classic Eastern Conference barn burner that they lost by 5. If anything, I think it was good for this young group to lose like that. It’s going to sting a ton and hopefully they get better from it. The good news? Gallo is ridiculous. ReturnofDJ is very good too and if he can bounce back from his rough Game 3, this team is still on track.

3. Heat Check Gaming – 4 points (Last Week: 7)

I think the thought process around this team is the exact same for everyone. “Yea, they are really good, but what do they do with Sav?” I really don’t mean to pin it on one guy, but 29% from the floor and 21% from 3 isn’t going to win you anything, especially when those stats are coming from your PG. Smoove is a really good player as well, one of the best SGs ever, but he’s never been a high-end 3-point shooter. There is a noticeable 10-15 point hole in their offense that, unless FutureClutch goes off every game, they just can’t fill. Their defense will occasionally keep teams under enough harassment to win, but that is so hard to maintain every single game.

Here are their point totals from their games this week:
56, 40, 67, 59, 47, 66

Their opponents:
52, 75, 65, 50, 73, 68

It’s a lot to ask of any defense to fill that gap. They can do it as well as anyone, but they need more.

4. Wizards District Gaming – 4 points (Last Week: 2)

Talk about your worst fears being realized in front of everyone. I want to be clear that I have a lot of reservations about this, considering they are the back-to-back Champs, but…I really don’t know what they should do. I think they just need to play better offensively. “Wow Harris, that’s some awesome analysis.” No, but seriously, everything needed to be better. Shooting, passing, playmaking, transition, it all had no real teeth to it. The frontcourt is fighting for their lives out there. Ty and Brich just have to be better, simple as that. Maybe you try Newdini in the backcourt at some point and move Brich to PF? Not sure what other options they have unless trading future picks is on the table.

5. Knicks Gaming – 4 points (Last Week: 6)

It’s fair to criticize my rankings seeing as Knicks Gaming beat Wizards DG in Round 1. I accept your criticism, but I’m not changing it yet. I think their loss to Heat Check Gaming was pretty concerning. To blow them out in Game 1, then get reversed swept on stages? Woof, it’s a tough look. The Duck-Malik combo reverted back to bad Season 3 tendencies and Bsmoove ripped their defense to shreds. Back to the drawing board for New York.

6. NetsGC – 4 points (Last Week: 3)
7. Raptors Uprising GC – 4 points (Last Week: 4)
8. Grizz Gaming – 2 points (Last Week: 8)
9. Celtics Crossover Gaming – 1 point (Last Week: 9)
10. Hornets Venom GT – 1 point (Last Week: 10)
11. Hawks Talon GC – 1 points (Last Week: 11)
12. Magic Gaming – 1 point (Last Week: 12)

Preliminary 3v3 Rankings:

Reminder, I have no gameplay to go off of for these, mostly just reputation and quality of roster, so give me a little benefit of the doubt here! There will be some similarities between the 5v5 rankings, but let’s see where we are next week and we can fully evaluate.

1. Warriors Gaming Squad
2. Dux Inifinitos
3. Jazz Gaming
4. Grizz Gaming
5. T-Wolves Gaming
6. Raptors Uprising GC
7. Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai
8. Pistons GT
9. 76ers GC
10. Cavs Legion GC
11. Mavs Gaming
12. Pacers Gaming
13. Lakers Gaming
14. Hawks Talon GC
15. Bucks Gaming
16. CLTX Gaming
17. Heat Check Gaming
18. Knicks Gaming
19. Blazer5 Gaming
20. Kings Guard Gaming
21. Magic Gaming
22. Wizards DG
23. NetsGC
24. Hornets Venom GT