THE TURN Powered By AT&T Officially Underway - NBA 2K League

THE TURN Powered By AT&T Officially Underway

This is the NBA 2K Leagues first ever tournament outside of New York City! For tickets to the event, click here.

Seeding Hierarchy
1. Win percentage from weeks 2-5
2. Head to head record from regular weekly matchups
3. Avg Point Differential from regular weekly matchups
4. Avg Points Per Game from regular weekly matchups
5. TipOff Performance (Round finished, followed H2H record, followed by points under the 8 point system)
6. Coin flip

For H2H, if more than two teams are tied and not all teams have played each other, the rule is better winning percentage in all games amongst tied teams. 

Official Seeding
1. 4-0 Pacers Gaming (Point Differential)
2. 7-0 Mavs Gaming (PD)
3. 6-1 Blazer5 Gaming
4. 4-2 Bucks Gaming (PD)
5. 4-2 Kings Guard Gaming (PD)
6. 3-2 Jazz Gaming H2H Record
7. 3-2 Warriors Gaming Squad (PD)
8. 3-2 Hawks Talon GC (PD)
9. 3-2 76ers GC (PD)
10. 3-2 Heat Check Gaming (PD)
11. 3-3 Cavs Legion GC
12. 2-3 Magic Gaming (PD)
13. 2-3 Raptors Uprising GC (PD)
14. 2-4 T-Wolves Gaming (PD)
15. 2-4 NetsGC (PD)
16. 1-4 Lakers Gaming (H2H, PD)
17. 1-4 Knicks Gaming (H2H, PD)
18. 1-4 Celtics Crossover Gaming (H2H)
19. 1-4 Grizz Gaming (H2H, PD)
20. 1-4 Pistons GT (H2H, PD)
21. 0-4 Wizards District Gaming

Tournament Schedule (all times in Pacific)

1-2 PM: Wizards District Gaming at Magic Gaming
2-3 PM: Pistons GT at Raptors Uprising GC
3-4 PM: Grizz Gaming at T-Wolves Gaming
4-5 PM: Celtics Crossover Gaming at NetsGC
5-6 PM: Knicks Gaming at Lakers Gaming
6-7 PM: Heat Check Gaming at Warriors Gaming Squad
7-8 PM: 76ers GC at Hawks Talon GC

2-3 PM: Celtics Crossover Gaming at Pacers Gaming
3-4 PM: Knicks Gaming at Mavs Gaming
4-5 PM: T-Wolves Gaming at Blazer5 Gaming
5-6 PM: Raptors Uprising GC at Bucks Gaming
6-7 PM: Magic Gaming at Kings Guard Gaming
7-8 PM: Cavs Legion GC at Jazz Gaming

“New” seeds are from the play-in games and will ordered 12-16 based on their 21-team seed. For example, if seed 21 wins their play-in game, the highest seed they can be is New Seed 16.

10-11 AM: Celtics Crossover Gaming at 76ers GC
11-12 PM: Warriors Gaming Squad at Mavs Gaming
12-1 PM: T-Wolves Gaming at Jazz Gaming
1-2 PM: Kings Guard Gaming at Bucks Gaming
4-5 PM: Winner of 10 am vs 1 pm
5-6 PM: Winner of 11 am vs 12 pm