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Nickname Spotlight: T-Wolves Gaming’s Kaii-Fidence

Last week, we tabbed Grizz Gaming star Vandi with “The Blue Meanie” nickname. It was met with a mixed response, but if you noticed, the elite point guard accentuated the look that helped inspire the handle by switching to the blue mohawk, but I digress.

T-Wolves Gaming won the TIPOFF tournament and are off to a 7-1 start during the regular season. One of the biggest reasons for their strong play has been their dynamic backcourt. Most of us know all about Bear Da Beast. He led the team to an NBA 2K League title in Season 2, but many are just getting a look at his backcourt mate.

This week, the focus is on sharpshooting Shifty Kaii. We don’t have a new nickname for him, per se, but maybe we can tag his virtual aura. 

Hear me out; Aside from his explosive scoring prowess, one of the first things you notice about Kaii as you watch him play and follow him on social media is his confidence.

Take a look at this tweet he has pinned on his Twitter account from May 23.

Any more questions?

Kaii put up 52 and 38 points on Bucks Gaming in Week 2 and averaged a hefty 28.2 per game through his team’s first eight contests.

The word confidence seems too tiny for the zone Kaii has been in, so he pushed me to create a higher state of self-assurance, and it’s called Kaii-Fidence. When Kaii gets rolling, and he activates takeover, he’s feeling Kaii-Fident.

When he’s got it going to a point where T-Wolves Gaming has team takeover, the whole squad is in a state of SUPREME KAII-FIDENCE. 

Bear is still the engine that makes the team go, Slaughter is playing out of his mind in the middle with triple-doubles coming with Russell Westbrook-like regularity, and they have outstanding leadership from Nick Gartrelle. Still, you have to love this team’s Kaii-Fidence.

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