NBA 2KL Coinbase SLAM OPEN Bracket Play Preview - NBA 2K League

NBA 2KL Coinbase SLAM OPEN Bracket Play Preview

In-person 3v3 play is finally here! We’ll crown our first SLAM champion as we put the cap on the first ever in-season 3v3 tournament for the NBA 2K League. Will it be one of our classic franchises that takes home the title? Or maybe our community team Handlez, as they try to pull off their own version of David vs. Goliath. Let’s go matchup by matchup and see what we’re dealing with heading into what should be one of the most unique weeks in 2K League history.

T-Wolves Gaming – Pacers Gaming

This will be a very fun matchup. T-Wolves Gaming wasn’t really challenged during the group stage, they cruised into bracket stage without giving us a real look at how good they could be. On the flip side, Pacers Gaming had to show us something. Boy, did they. Vandi went into his magician bag and pulled out 13 ppg, 3.3 apg, 86.2 TS% to lead the squad to a 5-1 record. Also, will homecourt change anything? Pacers Gaming playing in front of a home crowd? Adds even more possible storylines heading into this Western Conference battle.

Hornets Venom GT – 76ers GC

Welcome back to in-person play, Charlotte. Here’s the MVP and the best 3v3 team in the Eastern Conference! In all seriousness, if Dre looks anything like he did in group stage, the Hornets are in big trouble. 13.7 PPG, 2.4 APG, 89.1 TS%. MVP numbers. 76ers GC went 16-6 in total games played, it was a pretty destructive performance. For comparison, the Hornets went 10-12. But hey, on stage, anything is possible…right?

Dux Infinitos – Pistons GT

A matchup between two 3v3 titans. Killeyy has been excellent since his return from his hand injury, adding to a Dux Infinitos team that was already pretty good. The third best 3v3 defense in the league, giving up only 17.3 PPG, they’ve held it down on that end and allowed Killeyy to take over. 64% from 3 and only 5 turnovers in 10 games played. He’s been good, but Radiant has been great. 12.9 PPG, 3.2 APG, 86.2 TS%, 4.6 AST/TO ratio. Like with Dre, Radiant is putting up MVP numbers across two different game modes. It’s too early for true MVP narratives, but Radiant will be in the convo whenever we start.

Wizards District Gaming – Handlez

This feels like a WWE cage-match. The rookies vs. the champions! Handlez may be rookies by look, but by play, they are one of the best teams in this tournament. The only team to go 6-0, they were excellent in a very tough group that included Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai, Magic Gaming, and Grizz Gaming. NotEliteShooter will run the show while KazeTheLock and Miami will man the frontcourt. It’s a great team, but let’s see how they do on stage against the two-time CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD…sorry, WWE moment. Dayfri-Awkward-Newdini remain the best trio in the league and we’ll see that get put to the ultimate test. Can’t wait, should be the match of the day.

Lakers Gaming – Bucks Gaming

Well, well, well, we meet again! Same storylines as last time, Regg and Tactuk vs. their old team. New blood on the Bucks trying to prove themselves. Here we go again, Round 2.

Knicks Gaming – Hawks Talon GC

Malik vs. Ceez makes this blockbuster enough! Two of the best 3v3 guards in the league going at it. 12.5 ppg for Malik, 12.1 for Ceez, just get your popcorn and enjoy this one. Maybe the Knicks Gaming stage experience will count? We’ll find out.

Cavs Legion GC – Blazer5 Gaming

It’s the Bash revenge series…if he even plays! He’s split time with Jyden so far, we’ll see who gets the start. What we really should be focusing on is how good this Blazer5 3v3 team has been. 16-9 record, the 7th best offense, the 9th best defense. Just really solid all around. Toss in some great individual performances from unguardable, Randomz, and Breadwinner and you’ve got a fun potential darkhorse.

Grizz Gaming – CLTX Crossover Gaming

As excited as I am for FT and Bp to go at it in all their two-letter greatness, I think the other four guys on the court are as important. Jmoney-Jrod and TayZo-Bulleyy are both great combos in their own light, but against the other? Only the strongest will survive. Fun matchup, wouldn’t be surprised if the winner of the whole tournament is hidden here.