NBA 2K League Trade Window and Roster Construction Update - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League Trade Window and Roster Construction Update


The NBA 2K League will open a trade window from Tuesday, September 8 at 6 p.m. ET through Friday, September 18 at 5 p.m. ET.  Teams will be eligible to trade players who competed in the 2020 season and picks from the 2021 NBA 2K League Draft.

All trades must have a 1:1 trade asset ratio.  Teams cannot trade two picks for one player or vice versa.  Multi-team trades are allowed.

Click here to view each team’s current assets.


All NBA 2K League teams are permitted to retain three players from their 2020 roster from Monday, September 21 through Monday, September 28.  Teams must retain at least two players.  If a team decides to retain a third player, they will lose their 2021 4th round draft pick.  Teams will have the option to retain additional players (for a total of four) during a retainment period later at the cost of additional 2021 draft picks.

Stay tuned to the NBA 2K League’s Twitter account (@NBA2KLeague) for further news and announcements during the offseason.