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NBA 2K League Playoffs: Expert Predictions

The NBA 2K League Playoffs are here, and only eight teams remain in the running to win the Season 2 title. Who will take home the championship trophy, and who will be named Finals MVP? 

We asked some of the personalities, content creators and journalists around the league for their predictions for:

  • Season 2 Champions
  • Sleeper Pick
  • Finals MVP

Here are the predictions from the experts:

Ronnie 2K 

Champions: 76ers GC

The early dominance led to some mid-season bumps but few teams are as hot as the 76ers heading into the Finals. Think one of the most stable rosters in the two seasons of the 2K League will finally mean the ultimate prize. 

Sleeper pick: T-Wolves Gaming

Every game in the second half has been a must win so they’ve been in Playoff mode for over a month. During that time, this team has come together and gotten hot. Really believe they’re the one to come out of the left side of the bracket even with the Kings and vaunted Blazers standing in their way.

Finals MVP: Steez

Radiant has been a top MVP candidate all season but just believe he’ll need a second guy and with a balanced roster of guys who have been here before, the gamer Steez will stand out and snag MVP.


Josiah Cohen – Writer and Reporter at Dimer2K@JosiahCohen13

Champions: 76ers GC

When on their game—and coach Jeff Terrell will make sure that they are—76ers GC can outscore and out-execute just about any team. They’re one of the few teams with serious tournament and playoff experience. They know who they are and they’re consistent enough to make that known game after game throughout the playoffs.

Sleeper: Warriors Gaming Squad

Warriors Gaming slumped to end the season, but if they flip the switch, watch out. They’ve already proven themselves in tournament play and might just have the deepest roster in the entire league. Getting past Blazer5 is no easy task, but Warriors Gaming have twice proven unbeatable come crunch time. 

Finals MVP: Radiant

It’s been a point guard’s league all season, and so winning a title puts the team’s point guard in prime MVP position. Considering Radiant’s MVP nomination during the regular season, and his integral role in 76ers GC’s offense, if they win it all he’ll be the biggest reason why.


Will Beverina – Chief Editor, Dimer 2K – @WillBeverina

Champions: 76ersGC

I picked 76ers GC to win it all in the preseason and I’m going to stick with it. No team in the league this season has had a mix of both tournament and regular season success outside of Philly. Look for a Radiant playoffs revenge tour to push them to the top.

Sleeper: Kings Guard Gaming 

The ultimate sleeper of this entire season has been Kings Guard Gaming, who has navigated rough off-court waters to secure a surprise playoff berth. If BP ramps it up for the playoffs, this team can go deep.

Finals MVP: Radiant

If you’re going to pick a team to win it all, NBA 2K logic dictates you pick the point guard for Finals MVP. Radiant is one of the best of the best, in a tier with the top point guards in the world. If 76ers GC wins this thing it’ll be because of him.


BlkFrankWhite – Community Ambassador, NBA 2K League @BlkFrankWhite1

Champions: Celtics Crossover Gaming

They have become a juggernaut in the second half of the season. Coach Ricco has instilled in his players a mind over matter mentality. That state of mind and ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at them on the court is a recipe for success.

Sleeper: T-Wolves Gaming 

The best dynamic duo in the second half of the season has been Bear and JMoney. If they can put it together and make a run, the sky’s the limit. 

Finals MVP: oFAB

Considered by most the best point guard in the world. His ability to provide a variety of skills to his team no matter the opponent makes him poised enough to be the best on the biggest stage.


Jeff Eisenband – NBA 2K League Insider – @JeffEisenband

Champions: 76ers GC

The 76ers are the NBA 2K League’s Most reliable team. This is their time. Four starters were in this spot last year, making the semifinals, and Breadwinner has been an outstanding rookie. Faced with pressure in tournaments, no team has responded over the past 2 seasons like Philly.

Sleeper: T-Wolves Gaming

The T-Wolves are this year’s Knicks. Written off just a few weeks ago, they’ve gotten hot when it matters most. This team hasn’t lost since The Ticket. Their emotional resilience is unmatched. It shouldn’t be a shock if they lift the trophy and don’t lose again until 2020.

Finals MVP: Radiant

All eyes are on Mama, Fab and Dimez, but this is Radiant’s time. He’s been the silent superstar for two years. He’s the player you want most with the game on the line. His NBA 2K IQ is special and he’ll constantly be adjusting in this series format.


RussRebrands – Content Creator @RussRebrands

Champions: Warriors Gaming

While this Warriors team has been in a slump as of recent they’ve shown (twice) that they can get things done when they need to. Those two tournament banners cannot be overlooked or overstated when talking about teams that can win under a lot of pressure and with a target on their back.

Sleeper: Pacers Gaming

My reasoning here is similar to my reasoning in the Ticket. This Pacers team is very capable of slowing down the game and making every bucket a tough one for the opposing team. If they can set the Pace early I could see them picking up momentum and making a finals run. Also, having a player like Ramo on your squad never hurts.

Finals MVP: Type

Type is a player whose defensive abilities are sometimes overlooked I believe. He dominates the paint and slows down opposing PGs in the Pick and Roll. If he is able to showcase his defensive prowess in the Finals and keep plays alive with his offensive rebounds like we’ve seen all season he will be Finals MVP.

Walk On Warriors @WalkOnWarriors

Champions: Celtics Crossover Gaming

Celtics have been vibing well as a unit since that bad start. There defense has been tremendous as of late with Mel’s game actually matching his smack talk.

Sleeper: T-Wolves Gaming

Twolves coming off an emotional win to secure their spot aren’t backing down to anyone. They play as a collective all moving as one and it’s simply Bear is a leader.


Fab do I have to say more fab has been fabulous this season on both sides of the floor and always finds a way to impact the game, if he has to be the leading scorer or setting his team up and putting them in the right position to score.