NBA 2K League Patch and Archetype Update - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League Patch and Archetype Update

We’ve applied a patch to the NBA 2K League which brings a number of changes to our esports version of NBA 2K18.  The topline patch notes are included below.

All NBA 2K League archetypes have received adjustments for balancing purposes.  These changes will maintain or improve each archetype’s strengths while also highlighting their weaknesses.   These changes should lead to an increase in the variety of archetypes chosen and create more variety in the offensive and defensive play styles and strategies chosen by the teams.  We’ve outlined some of the major adjustments pertaining to specific archetype builds below, but as noted all archetypes have received at least slight adjustments.

Noteworthy Archetype Adjustments

  • The Pure Rim Protector will find it more difficult to convert shots across the board, be it from inside or from the perimeter.
  • The Rebounding Athletic Finisher gets a bit more specialization with a boost in rebounding, while taking a hit in mid-range shooting and finishing layups.
  • The Slashing Post Scorer now becomes a huge post-offense threat with improved mid-range and post offense, including numerous new badges to match.
  • The Pure Sharpshooter builds will now have less playmaking ability than before, and will find it more challenging to make difficult shots, layups and dunks.
  • The Sharpshooting Playmaker receives a boost in their mid-range effectiveness along with some new scoring badges. But with those improvements comes a reduction in athleticism with specific reduction in acceleration, overall speed, and vertical game (layups, blocks, rebounding).
  • The Slashing Playmaker has boosted acceleration, layups and mid-range shooting to become a more appealing offensive threat along with badge updates that gives this archetype some diversity in finishing in the paint.

Outside of archetype adjustments, we’ve also made some adjustment to free throws as we’ve now taken steps to make shooting from the charity stripe more difficult for positions and archetypes that are not normally associated with high free throw success.

As the NBA 2K League continues to grow, we will continue to assess changes so that we can improve the quality of play with the ultimate goal of making the games and tournaments even more exciting for our fans!