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NBA 2K League Offseason Draft Eligible Tournaments

Teams across the NBA 2K League are hosting Pro-Am tournaments during the offseason, and YOU can participate for a chance to be eligible for the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft, along with cash prizes and more!

Interested in this dope opportunity to compete and show off your elite 2K skills? Check out the teams hosting tournaments below! Two participants from each draft eligible tournament throughout the offseason will be selected to the 2020 NBA 2K League draft pool!

We will be tracking which teams open additional Pro-Am tournaments in the coming weeks on, so stay tuned!


Hosted Tournaments

Hornets Venom GT

  • Date: October 4-18 (*Registration for this tournament has closed)
  • Cash Prizes: $500

Magic Gaming

  • Date: October 20-25
  • Cash Prizes: $4,000

Mavs Gaming

  • Date: November 9-10
  • Cash Prizes: TBA

Bucks Gaming

  • Date: October 10-30
  • Cash Prizes: $5,000


  • Date: October 10-20
  • Cash Prizes: TBA

Warriors Gaming Squad

  • Date: October 16-November 10
  • Cash Prizes: $2,500

Wizards District Gaming

  • Date: October 10-November 9
  • Cash Prizes: $2,500

T-Wolves Gaming

  • Date: October 21-November 9
  • Cash Prizes: $500

Heat Check Gaming

  • Date: November 1-November 7
  • Cash Prizes: $3,200

Raptors Uprising GC

  • Date: November 10th
  • Cash Prizes: $1,000 CAD

Important Notes

The opportunity to join the NBA 2K League draft pool is subject to NBA 2K League approval, which may be granted or withheld in the sole discretion of the NBA 2K League, and the satisfaction of all applicable eligibility requirements established by the NBA 2K League. All players made eligible for the NBA 2K League draft pool are subject to a background and social media check.

To be eligible for potential draft eligibility, participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and have graduated from high school by October 22, 2019 (or, if the participant did not graduate from high school, the class with which the participant would have graduated had he or she graduated from high school must have graduated by October 22, 2019). This requirement relates only to potential draft eligibility and, subject to applicable laws and participation rules, failure to satisfy this requirement does not preclude tournament participation.

No individual who participated in the NBA 2K League as a player at any point during the 2019 NBA 2K League season may participate in the tournaments for draft pool eligibility, in accordance with NBA 2K League policy.

We are looking for the best 2K players in the world, period. If you can play the game at a high level, we want you to try out. The values of diversity, inclusion and respect are central to our game and our league.