NBA 2K League 5v5 Week 1 Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

NBA 2K League 5v5 Week 1 Power Rankings

We’ve been waiting and waiting for 5v5 to begin and it’s here and it’s fantastic. What a first week of gameplay for the NBA 2K League. Even better, that seemed like just a preview of what we’re going to be seeing for the rest of the season. I expect shooting to hopefully even out a bit as guys get more comfortable on the league build and start getting more confident with their shot. But, for now, it’s time for the first edition of 5v5 power rankings! We’re going to keep it league wide this year, as always remember to check out the conference standings on the website!

1. Warriors Gaming Squad 3-0
I was really torn between Golden State and Minnesota, but I’ll side with the dubs for now coming off one of their more impressive regular season weeks in recent memory. The CB13-Mama combo is paying off as hoped with CB’s patented playmaking mixing quite well with Mama’s ability to catch and shoot and heck, both can get a shot off the dribble if necessary. Along with that, standing ovation for Kenny Got Work in Week 1. Putting up just insane numbers averaging almost three steals a game while shooting 75% from 3 this week. His defensive combination with Seese and Nay is a plus so far as well. It’ll be a war at the top of the West all year, can’t wait for our first T-Wolves-Warriors clash.

2. T-Wolves Gaming 3-0
3. NBL Oz Gaming 3-0
4. Magic Gaming 2-2
5. Pacers Gaming 2-1
6. 76ers GC 2-1
I want to talk about all the teams 3-6 because they’ve all been so interesting to start the season. NBL Oz Gaming has been riding high behind the shooting and playmaking of Australian PG Harry, but their front court has really taken center stage for me. DJayTooCold is in full on star leap mode.He’s looking like a top 3 player at his position. Magic Gaming has been shooting lights out from 3, 68% from 3 to be exact. This team looks great when the shots are falling, let’s see if it carries into next week. Pacers Gaming and 76ers GC are in similar spots. Their PGs have answered the call here early in the season and are really driving the bus. We didn’t get to see much of Greenlight on the main broadcast, but he still dropped 23-6 to open things up. Keep an eye on this whole group this week.

7. Bucks Gaming 2-1
8. Heat Check Gaming 2-1
9. Gen.G Tigers 1-2
10. DUX Infinitos 2-1
11. Blazer5 Gaming 2-1
12. Raptors Uprising GC 2-1

Raptors Uprising GC are a great example of why this league is great. I was throwing all kinds of questions and narratives about BallLikeSeem at center and how it was going to sink their season and blah blah blah. Here I am with egg on my face, he’s been excellent and this team seems to have some real fire under them. Mooch and Gazulli have alternated good games, so maybe when they get on the same page, this team will really take off. I will say, last year’s Raptors Uprising team started hot like this then faded away, let’s see if the new era of this team is different.

13. CLTX Gaming 2-1
14. Pistons GT 1-2
15. NetsGC 1-2
16. Cavs Legion GC 2-2
17. Wizards DG 1-2
18. Knicks Gaming 1-2
19. Grizz Gaming 1-2
20. Hornets Venom GT 2-2

I’m not going to get sucked into all the Twitter drama with this team, so we’ll ignore that and instead talk about how good AntoineLove has been so far this year. 27-9 on 80% TS to open things up. He’s a great example of why working on your game in post-draft can lead to huge success. We’ve seen guys like FT, Cooks, Mooch, and others take a route like this into the league and I think this was the right way for AntoineLove to get in the league. He looks great, but the rest of the team needs to be a little more consistent around him. The comeback win over Knicks Gaming was great, but it featured a lot of ugly Knicks Gaming stuff as well, so we’ll see if Charlotte can get this straightened out in week 2.

21. Lakers Gaming 1-2
22. Jazz Gaming 1-2
23. Kings Guard 0-3
24. Mavs Gaming 0-3
25. Hawks Talon GC 0-3

*Sigh* I swear, I have to stop doing this to myself. I keep buying into Hawks Talon and getting burned. Maybe they will turn it around, but so far my worst fears about this team all came true in week 1. Their defense is just okay, so they desperately need their offense to be efficient and not allow other teams to get out on the break. Well, they are second to last in 3P% and last in FGM per game. The misses and turnovers are allowing teams to rip off huge runs on them and sink them early. The #1 pick MDS has been okay and Ceez has been hitting some nice shots, but the math just isn’t mathing on this team right now. They simply need to hit more shots.