Lakers Gaming Would Be Crazy Not to Make the Obvious Choice With No. 1 Pick - NBA 2K League

Lakers Gaming Would Be Crazy Not to Make the Obvious Choice With No. 1 Pick

If you’re looking for drama at the top of the NBA 2K League draft, you’ll probably want to focus on what Pacers Gaming decides to do with the second pick in the draft. The first selection in Season 4 of the NBA 2K League should already be waiting on the podium for Brendan Donohue to announce.

Lakers Gaming would be insane not to make Arshia Karimi, aka vKrxzy, the No. 1 overall pick.

To put it plainly, not much went right for Lakers Gaming in Season 3 of the NBA 2K League. They finished a league-worst 3-13 (tied with Pistons GT for embarrassing futility), but if they had nothing else positive to take from last season, it was the play of SAV. 

He was fourth in the league in scoring (32.9 ppg) and third in assists (8.7 apg). He finished in the top 5 in the Rookie of the Year race. However, some internal issues are rumored to have led to the trading of the young hotshot to Heat Check Gaming for their No. 7 overall selection. It’s a peculiar move, but perhaps Lakers Gaming believes they need a complete change of identity as they attempt to exorcise anything that’s left from a horrible run in 2020. Stockpiling first-round selections is an understandable strategy if an NBA 2K League team is looking for a fast turnaround.

If that’s the case (the trade couldn’t become official until draft day), LG is essentially starting from ground zero, almost like a brand new franchise. If LG is indeed shipping their best retained player away, they’ll be in a position to draft the best player available. 

By almost all accounts, that would be Karimi. He has the versatility to play the wing or center, and he can play both roles at a high level. Talent evaluator, Harris Rubenstein called Karimi “the best all-around player in the draft class, period,” and says that he “can really play any position, just an amazing 2K player.”

At the Combine, Karimi averaged 19.2 ppg, 9.8 rpg, and 5.7 apg. He tallied an 18.8 PER with 174.9 offensive and 131.2 defensive ratings. From a cumulative standpoint, few Combine players had offensive and defensive ratings in the same ballpark as Karimi. However, the Texas native did register only a 62% win percentage. Combine win percentage is relative, but it’s something to consider. When you’re a team that won just under 19% of your games the previous season, you’re almost certainly looking for players with a winning track record. 

Beyond the numbers, Karimi’s overall skill level stands out from other prospects. While Karimi is uber-talented and capable of playing multiple positions, the point guard spot isn’t his specialty. 

With SAV presumably gone, LG will need to find a new point guard to get things done from the perimeter. It appears they may be inclined to use the 7th selection they are rumored to acquire from Heat Check Gaming to fill that role. Quite honestly, it would be a major risk not to address the position in the first round.

A player like Ceez aka Ceasar Martinez might be available at No. 7, but if not, LG could look to a prospect like Rigby aka Craig Burnett Jr. In any case, it appears LG is set to have a different look once Season 4 kicks off as they attempt to turn things around.