Hawks Talon Gaming Club Unveils Official Logos - NBA 2K League

Hawks Talon Gaming Club Unveils Official Logos


Dat Boy Shotz and ARS0NAL x Make Their First Visit to the City of Atlanta

 ATLANTA – Hawks Talon Gaming Club welcomes their first two professional NBA 2K League players Dat Boy Shotz (Connor Rodrigues) and ARS0NAL x (Devon Peek) to their new home in Atlanta. This will be their first visit to Atlanta since being drafted in September as part of the 2018 NBA 2K League Expansion Draft.

“We are excited to welcome Dat Boy Shotz and ARS0NAL x to Atlanta and show them what makes this city special,” said Wesley Acuff, Team Manager and Coach for Hawks Talon GC.

Additionally, the club unveiled their official logo and font debuting three official colors, red, yellow and black. The design was a collaboration between Atlanta resident Scott Fuller, Designer and Owner of The Studio Temporary, and Sr. Director of Creative for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club, Shirley Zhang.

“I wanted to embody Atlanta’s bold identity, competitiveness, fearless nature, and iconic hustle and grind into a contemporary logo that both casual and competitive fans could own,” Fuller said.

For more information about Hawks Talon GC, visit hawks.com/2kleague.