Gen.G, T-Wolves Gaming Agree to BlockBuster Trade Sending Feast And JMoney to Shanghai for ShiftyKaii - NBA 2K League

Gen.G, T-Wolves Gaming Agree to BlockBuster Trade Sending Feast And JMoney to Shanghai for ShiftyKaii

A day that has seen 2 other massive trades, this one fits right in.

Gen.G and T-Wolves Gaming have agreed to a trade that will send Minnesota’s Feast, JMoney, and 2022 2nd round pick to Gen.G for ShiftyKaii, their 2021 2nd round pick, and their 2022 1st round pick.

What This Means For Gen.G:

This is quite the trade for the Tigers. Trading away Kaii is a huge swing, especially considering the season he had last year, but what they got in return is certainly worth the price. Feast is one of the best big men the league has to offer and might just be the best defensive big in the entire league. He has proven that he can play at a high level at either the 4 or the 5, but he’s going to be the defensive anchor for this team for years to come. Coming with him is Jmoney, a controversial yet very talented player. What’s controversial about him is simply where he is able to play in the league. He is widely known as one of the best PGs in all of Pro-Am as the head of the RDG dragon, but that hasn’t translated to the league quite yet. Gen.G has every intention to give him the reigns as their PG and it could pay off in a massive way. It also pairs both players with former teammate TURNUPDEFENSE, who they won a title with as members of T-Wolves Gaming in Season 2. It’s a big swing from Coach Len and Gen.G, but one that could define Season 4.

What This Means For T-Wolves Gaming:

And then, there was one. BearDaBeast is the only remaining member of the magical Season 2 title team following this trade. A sad fact, but a natural occurrence coming off a disappointing title defending season where the team missed the playoffs and lost in the finals of THE TICKET with a spot on the line. On the plus side, Bear and Kaii in the same backcourt is nasty. There were rumblings that SG was Kaii’s preferred position and he’s going to get to play it now alongside one of the floor generals in the league. T-Wolves Gaming has a fair amount of work ahead of them with 3 open starting spots all coming in the front court, but few teams, if any, come close to the talent they have at Guard. Building a competitive 2KL team is a windy road with lots of tosses and turns. For T-Wolves Gaming, it may be a bit sad to see their former champions go, but Bear and Kaii could take over the league if they play their cards right.