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Eligible Player Pool

                                                                           ELIGIBLE PLAYER POOL
The NBA 2K League Expansion Draft, which will take place Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 3 p.m. ET, will begin the roster construction of the one expansion team that will join the NBA 2K League for the 2022 season: DUX Gaming’s recently announced NBA 2K League team. For more information on NBA 2K League 2022 season roster construction, click here. For the list of players who were protected by teams following the 2021 season, check out our live tracker.

There will be one trade window for the 2022 NBA 2K League season, beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 17 and running until midway through the 2022 campaign. Each team will be allowed to trade a total of ten trade assets during the 2022 season. Trade assets include players, 2022 draft picks and 2023 draft picks.

77 of the best NBA 2K players in the world are available for DUX Gaming’s expansion team. Below are the players that make up the eligible player pool (listed by team) for the Expansion Draft.* In addition to players who ended the 2021 NBA 2K League season on a team’s roster but who were not protected from the Expansion Draft by their team, also included in the list are those players who participated as temporary players during the 2021 season: Jaden, Cooks, and Idrisdagoat6.
76ers GC: Arooks, Jaden, ToXsik, Steez, UnderRatedGoat

Blazer5 Gaming: G O O F Y 7 5 7, JoelLazu, Scretty

Bucks Gaming: Big Perm, Caliraq, Expose, Komp

Cavs Legion GC: avemario, BigRiM, Goddof2k, Strainer

Celtics Crossover Gaming: Bulleyy, DjLayyy, WalkingBucket

Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai: BxmpyDon, sawc, TURNUPDEFENSE

Grizz Gaming: Chess, followTHEGOD, Jrod

Hawks Talon GC: BP, Fakiee, Kel, Lee

Heat Check Gaming: Deedz, Gooner, Killeyy

Hornets Venom GT: Dhuggzz, Trap

Jazz Gaming: Getonmylevel, Lord Beezus, Lotty

Kings Guard Gaming: KerryJJr, MaJes7ic, Seemo

Knicks Gaming: CantGuardRob, NateKahl, NoLoveZar

Lakers Gaming: BOHIO, Bobby Buckets, Seese

Magic Gaming: DT, FutureClutch, May, Potts

Mavs Gaming: Gen, MrStylez, ReeceMode, ziah

NetsGC: Dante, Legit, SlayIsland

Pacers Gaming: LavishPhenom, Rando, Swizurk, WoLF

Pistons GT: Charger, Cooks, Idrisdagoat6, MiLo, Pexile

Raptors Uprising GC: All Hail Trey, Timelycook, TsJosh

T-Wolves Gaming: Big Saint, dawsix, Myles

Warriors Gaming Squad: ANTOINE, KayAus, Matty

Wizards District Gaming: xoLebron, BRICH

*The eligibility of any specific player for the 2022 NBA 2K League season is contingent on passing a background check and satisfying all NBA 2K League eligibility requirements, including the NBA 2K League’s COVID-19 health and safety requirements for eligibility. These health and safety requirements include a requirement that players be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (as defined by the NBA 2K League) before the 2022 NBA 2K League Draft and a requirement that players receive an initial COVID-19 vaccine dose on or before a date specified by the NBA 2K League.
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