Blazer5 Gaming Trade OneWildWalnut to 76ersGC for Scretty and BreadwinnerLA - NBA 2K League

Blazer5 Gaming Trade OneWildWalnut to 76ersGC for Scretty and BreadwinnerLA

The trade window is officially open and we have our first blockbuster trade!

Blazer5 Gaming is trading Season 1 MVP OneWildWalnut and a 3rd round pick to 76ersGC in exchange for Scretty and BreadwinnerLA.

What This Means for Blazer5 Gaming:

The dynamic duo that set the league on fire the first 3 seasons is no more. In what can only be described as a total rebuild, Blazer5 Gaming has now traded both Mama Im Dat Man and OneWildWalnut, beginning a new era for the team. It’s a risky move, Blazer5 Gaming is the only team in the league to have made the playoffs 3 years in a row, but with no titles to show for it, they felt it was time to move on. In terms of a return package for Walnut, it’s pretty good. BreadwinnerLA remains an elite big man and can play either the 4 or 5 at a high level, but I would expect them to put him at PF and acquire another center. Scretty is still one of the better sharpshooters in the league, but it bares mention that he will no longer be playing next to Radiant. Instead, he will join Bash as part of a revamped backcourt in Portland. All in all, it’s a decent move for Blazer5 Gaming who have turn Mama and Walnut into Bash, Dat Boy Shotz, BreadwinnerLA, and Scretty. It’s a good trade, but something tells me Blazer5 Gaming isn’t done dealing.

What This Means for 76ersGC:

Less of a rebuild and more of a retool for 76ersGC, acquiring OneWildWalnut is a great move for Philly. It gives them another elite player to pair with Radiant and instantly makes them one of the best pick and roll duos in the entire league. Giving up BreadwinnerLA and Scretty is tough, but there aren’t many Centers in the league like Walnut. He led the league in RPG and FG% this past season and is currently the all-time leader at Center in offensive efficiency. He’s a great player and since 76ersGC didn’t give up their lottery pick in this deal, they stand to improve even more. A good trade for both sides as both get the exact kind of pieces they need to improve.