APAC Invitational Recap - NBA 2K League

APAC Invitational Recap

HEART AND SEOUL: Last weekend, the 2020 NBA 2K League APAC Invitational was held at Nexon Arena in Seoul, South Korea. The event featured 20 of the top NBA 2K players from across the Asia-Pacific region competing over two days of gameplay, including scrimmages and a tournament, in hopes of being made eligible for the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. Check out photos from the event here (password = NBA, credit: NBAE/Getty Images).

EYE OF THE TIGER: On Jan. 20 at Nexon Arena, Gen.G CEO Chris Park unveiled the team name, logo and social media channels for Gen.G’s new NBA 2K League squad, the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai. Gen.G’s new franchise logo depicts a crouching tiger donning the organization’s signature black-and-gold colors, an attack-oriented symbol familiar to Gen.G’s international #TigerNation fan base. Media are welcome to access and download the Gen.G Tigers of Shanghai identity video and team logo.

JAEDUBB_ WINS MVP: After producing 34 points and 11 assists in the final game of the tournament, Auckland native Jordan “JaeDubb_” Walden was named MVP of the APAC Invitational and was made eligible for the 2020 Draft*. Click here to see his post-tournament interview with NBA 2K League host Jeff Eisenband. Click here to view his best plays from the event. Additional players who will earn draft eligibility from the APAC Invitational will be announced at a later date.

IN THE NEWS: The Pick and Roll profiled New Zealand’s Jordan “JaeDubb_” Walden and Australia’s Meason “xMiLo—” Camille during the tournament while Rappler and Daily Guardian spotlighted the Filipinos who participated in the event.


“We know there are extremely talented NBA 2K players in the APAC region who have what it takes to play in the NBA 2K League, and we want to make sure they have the opportunity, resources and guidance to help them make the league. We think we’re really just scratching the surface of what can be a truly global league, with fans, players and teams from all over the world.” – NBA 2K League Managing Director Brendan Donohue

“It’s an honor [to be recognized as one of the top 20 NBA 2K players in the Asia-Pacific region]. Just having that is big to me. I’ve put in a lot of time. It’s something that I can give to my family and let them know that all this time I’ve spent on the game is actually for use. The time I’ve been spending on this game is worth it.” – Jordan “JaeDubb_” Walden (Auckland)

“I attended APAC last year and I think this tops it off. It’s absolutely incredible what the league has put together and the talent that they’re trying to find in the region. I’m having so much fun.” – Meason “xMi-Lo—” Camille (Melbourne)

“These guys competing this weekend are talented and hard working. Given the opportunity, international players will come in and have no ego to do whatever work they can. Whether it’s as a sixth man or any other role on the team, they’d be happy to participate.” – 2019 NBA 2K League player Jack “Jaacko” Stevenson (Auckland)

“It means everything to me. It’s my dream. It was my dream last year, but sadly I didn’t make it. So, I’m trying my best right now.” – Aminolah Jr. “Rial” Polog (Manila)


Name Gamertag City
Jordan Walden JaeDubb_ Auckland
Yu Han TutouTheOld Beijing
Benjamin Teitzel ki-ll_illuminati Brisbane
Fan SiYuan CDC_Fantuan Chengdu
Solomona Faitaua-Nanai Xmonaa- Christchurch
Li Haoyu Ironman Handan
Lynard Clark Banzon PBE_Clark Manila
Custer George Galas PBE__Custer Manila
Aminolah Jr. “Rial” Polog PBE_Rial Manila
Meason Camille xMiLo— Melbourne
Yasin Eldik ChampKing_ Melbourne
Max Ellwood Squoogs Melbourne
Aiden Fleming TheGoldenDunk- Melbourne
Alex Hopson HOPIV2 Melbourne
Eugene Pillai iAmMarioXXIII Melbourne
Jehyun Cho Jecho_TLL Seoul
Hu Yi Luck_Yi_Wesley Shanghai
Poon Shing Ki George TR-Gobert-AP Shanghai
Zhang Wenxuan Cherry_zi Suzhou
Chuang Wei-Hsuan THE-ANSWER_0729 Taipei