A Week of Crazy Trades | Trade Recap - NBA 2K League

A Week of Crazy Trades | Trade Recap

Cavs Legion GC receives: Antoine, Walnut, Kings 2023 3rd


Talk about making your head spin. Cavs Legion revamps the entire roster in one move sending Bash and Bigrim away and filling their spot with Antoine and Walnut. Antoine has struggled heavily this year as an offensive player. He’s shooting under 40% from three and has had a low consistency rate of greening shots all year. His defense is an entirely different story. Maybe the best defensive SG in the league. He helped complete an elite Warriors defense that will take a hit by losing him. Antoine will likely play PG, something that has always been rumored to happen, so we’ll get a real look at him as a lead guard, but it’s a heavy price.

Walnut is having a much different season. It’s one of the best of his career. 19-13-3-2-2 is an insane line for a fifth-year Center. He remains one of the best offensive centers ever and his defense, at least recently, has been quite good. He’ll be good for them – it’s still Walnut at the end of the day.

Antoine and Walnut is a good package, but…I just can’t figure out the plan for the Cavs Legion GC team. They only have the Mavs first round pick left and a very uncertain retention strategy. Walnut is a great player, but it seems very “out of left field.” We’ll see, but this strikes me as a strange move for the Cavs.

Kings Guard receives: BigRim, Bash, Cavs 2023 1st


Well, that’s a move. Despite Kings Guard Gaming playing their best ball of the season, they’ve decided to blow up the team and try something different for the second half of the year. No more Mama-Walnut pick and roll, hello Bash and BigRim.

Bash obviously got drafted by Kings Guard Gaming back in Season 3 and led them to the playoffs in his rookie year. He was excellent last year for Blazer5, but has struggled this season with a constantly changing role and position. BigRim is in the same spot. He has talent, but it’s hard to make anything out of the season he has had. Cavs Legion GC’s roster hasn’t had a set lineup since Week 1, so there’s not been much consistency to go off.

They do get Cavs Legion GC’s first round pick, which unless Antoine and Walnut go crazy, will be in the top 5 of the draft. It’s a big trade asset, one they can easily use this offseason to acquire almost anyone. If you are blowing it up and starting over with Crush, that pick is a pillar for your franchise.

Warriors: Mama

Well, well, well. I feel like Obi-Wan standing over Anakin at the end of Episode 3. “You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the Sith not join them!” My nerdiness and Warriors Gaming Squad being a comically evil supervillain aside, it is going to be very weird seeing Mama in Warriors GS blue instead of facing off against them on the other side. From an on-court perspective, it’s a fascinating trade. Mama can serve as the “630 to the 76ers” for this team and bring an instant jolt to their offense. Mama has played very well this season – fifth in the league in scoring at 23.1 ppg on 65.8 TS%. Add in a 3.68 AST/TO ratio and you have one of the 5-10 best guards in the league. He’ll fit wonderfully on a Warriors Gaming Squad team that has given Antoine 23.8% USAGE. Mama is going to have the ball a lot and should score plenty. Warriors Gaming Squad did it again. This is a great trade for them.


Talk about loading up for the playoffs.