A behind the scenes at working for the 2KL - NBA 2K League

A behind the scenes at working for the 2KL

With the STEAL right around the corner, I figured I would go a different route with this article. I usually do the same old power rankings or what not, but I figured this week, might as well take you all behind the scenes of how I get ready for content weeks. Whether it’s for broadcast or for our lovely website here, there is a good amount of work that goes into it all on the back end! 


Let’s start with the big stuff – stats! I get asked a lot from plenty of people how I get all these numbers and stats for the broadcast and it’s sophisticated in a simple way and throughout each NBA 2K League season, SAP is integral to the NBA 2K League’s stats-based storytelling. The numbers aren’t just a measure of performance, but a jumping off point to build narrative around our stars. The dashboard updates regularly and is sorted by position, some by team, or by archetype. Nice to have different avenues to compare and study throughout the season. I used to have to go game by game and plug everything in by hand, but thankfully, we’re past that. Once stats are updating, I’ll give it a look-through, see if anything surprises me or sticks out. Big one this week, every team in the top 10 of point differential made the playoffs except…Pacers Gaming. Once that’s set, I’ll let the other casters know so they can start making up some notes for the week.



Since it’s a tournament week, there is a ton to do! I’m lucky to wear multiple hats with the league, so I get to help out multiple departments as needed! I always start the week by getting an article up, whether it is a recap or power rankings to get my initial thoughts of the week out there. Usually through writing these, I can capture any narratives and storylines that I want to use for the upcoming week. You’ll see a lot of connection between what I write and what I bring on air. I try to keep it as consistent as I can.  Once the article is done, I turn my attention to broadcast production duties. I am doubling this year as a talent and producer, so it gives me a different perspective on how to help build out the shows. I’ve also been hosting our shows for 3v3 this year, so it’s changed up that perspective even more! I help create our rundowns and assist our producers on any projects they have for the upcoming week. Shoutout to our front bench producer Will, he’s been a great colleague this season trying to get our shows up every night.



Then of course, comes the shows themselves! I’ve been moved around a little bit this season based off of what our team needs so for the last few weeks, I’ve been hosting! It’s been fun to look at our broadcast differently and try to change the way I communicate with the audience to fit the role better. Host is different from play by play which is different from sideline, you’ve got to adjust with the role. With that, I try to operate more as a point guard on air. Pinging Dirk and JT with different stats or narrative to get their say on it. Tossing to sideline or to interviews that can expand our stories more. It really changes with the broadcast – every one is different!


And that’s my week! Definitely busy, but doesn’t feel that way. I’m lucky to get to do what I do for a living and even luckier to get to do it alongside the best team in the world. We’ve received a lot of kind words this year about our content and production, so thank you to everyone, it means a lot!