5v5 Seed Weeks Power Rankings - NBA 2K League

5v5 Seed Weeks Power Rankings

Eastern Conference

76ers GC (LW: 1)
Wizards District Gaming (Last Week: 2)
Gen.G Tigers (LW: 3)
Heat Check Gaming (LW: 5)
Knicks Gaming (LW: 4)
Nets GC (LW: 6)
Raptors Uprising GC (LW: 9)
CLTX Gaming (LW: 7)
Hawks Talon GC (LW: 10)
Grizz Gaming.(LW: 8)
Magic Gaming (LW: 12)
Hornets Venom GT (LW: 11)

Not too many changes in the East this week. Heat Check Gaming and Knicks Gaming swap places, but probably nothing to worry about for New York. We knew this Radiant/Malik combo was going to take a little time to sort itself out. Only issue is that they don’t have a lot of time before the playoffs begin. I have faith it will look better by the game, but there was a clear comfort-level difference between the OTTR/ReturnofDj combo and the Radiant/Malik one. The rest of the East is a bit reshuffled, but we’re just dealing with small semantics at this point. Shoutout to Magic Gaming for getting out of the basement after their huge win over 76ersGC! Unguardable is a huge get for them – they’ve never had a pure scorer like him. (Yes, I know they had Reizey, but he was more complete guard. UG is a better scorer.)

Western Conference

T-Wolves Gaming (Last Week: 1)
Warriors Gaming Squad (LW: 2)
Lakers Gaming (LW: 3)
Jazz Gaming (LW: 4)
Bucks Gaming (LW: 5)
Mavs Gaming (LW: 6)
Dux Infinitos (LW: 7)
Cavs Legion GC (LW: 9)
Kings Guard Gaming (LW: 10)
Pacers Gaming (LW: 8)
Pistons GT (LW: 11)
Blazer5 Gaming (LW: 12)

Only one change to the Western Conference power rankings this week and that’s dropping Pacers Gaming under Cavs Legion GC/Kings Guard Gaming. The “move Vandi to SG” thing did not work one bit, so their chances of making the playoffs without the Ticket have come to an end. Besides that, a chalk week in the Western Conference. T-Wolves Gaming cemented themselves as the #1 team in the West with a win over the new-and-improved Warriros Gaming Squad, while Lakers Gaming clinched their first playoff appearance in franchise history. Congrats to the purple and gold in what’s been a long and winding road – but they finally did it.